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Kok & Wine is one of Odense's very best eating places, especially if you are the "French Kitchen". Here it is basically about eating and drinking - like the rest of life. At Kok & Wine is the respect for the profession, love of food, and the desire to give you an extraordinary experience that make your visit a special experience. It is also about cutting unnecessary and disruptive elements from the leg, so you leisurely enjoy your evening to the full. Respect for the raw material used is an important password at Kok & Vin, and you can be sure that they make a virtue of the use of local raw materials in the best possible way. As they themselves said: "So even if we get our inspiration from the best eating houses in Paris and Lyon, we'll collect our raw materials in our own backyard."
Restaurant   Kok & Vin is a classic gourmet restaurant - without being snobbish or have fine sensations!

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At Kok & Vin, you are in a relaxed, intimate and cozy atmosphere, where the environment is helping to put the icing on the cake. You will notice from the first moment that you have come to a restaurant that loves to pamper its guests. Always smiling staff, all of whom have extensive knowledge of the entire menu, whether it is this month's "blackboard menu", a delicious dessert or something else - here is clean up their act! You will always be guided in the best way and the most talented servants listen carefully so they can sound out of your desires.

The food at Chef & Wine is classic French food, with the addition of fine Danish. Here you will find a solid menu, where the focus is on having a small number of dishes on the map - but good dishes!

You'll always find the monthly "Blackboard Menu" containing:
Price for 3 courses - 300 kroner
Price for 3 courses with wines - 500 kroner
Price for 3 courses with wine, bubbles and snacks to welcome and coffee with petits fours - 600 kroner.

The current blackboard menu consists of:
Green ærtecreme with fresh peas, bacon, cod and smoked cheese

Entrecote with Maitre d * Hôtel butter fried carrots and new potatoes

Strawberries "Romanoff" with orange, elderflower and sorbet

The menu changes once per. month and is based on the season and the available raw materials.

Studenterguiden.dk have been fortunate to be able to visit Kok & Vin on several occasions, and we have not been disappointed there. The food is top class, skilled and dedicated servants, and an atmosphere that you rarely see anywhere else! Prices are very student-friendly - here you can get a great night for about 500 kr. It is available not much better for a restaurant in this class, and Kok & Wine get our hottest recommendation!

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St. Gråbrødrestræde 19
Odense C

Contact info

Telefon: 3169 0106
E-mail: mail@kokogvin.dk

Opening Hours

Mandag - Lørdag: 17.30 - Sent
Søndag:                Lukket


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