The gap festival - A cozy festival in the middle of the city

The gap festival - A cozy festival in the middle of the city

The gap Festival is the setting for a major event throughout southern Jutland. It is a festival for the whole family. When the festival is over and the accounts made up, so share gap festival out of its profits to organizations in Haderslev municipality where the festival belongs.


Geography, transport and accommodation:

The gap is located inside place directly by and extends along the Christiansfeldvej. There are five scenes and a large children's area. It is not possible to stay overnight at the festival, but there is a shuttle bus that runs between the festival site and the campground. The gap Festival has made a collaboration with Danhostel Haderslev and Haderslev Camping. At the campsite you can stay in a beautiful setting right on the Haderslev Dam without costing a farm. At Danhostel there are many different sizes of rooms to choose from. If you need to ensure you a room for the festival and you do not know anyone in town, so it's a good idea to be out in good time.

In addition, the gap Festival booked 10 luxury cabins with room for 6 people per cabin. Will you come with your own caravan or a larger tent, you can stay overnight at ordinary campers terms. If you are, however, more to partying then there is room for it to Camp Festival Square. You only have to take your tent, your sleeping bag and some spare clothes with. You can buy breakfast at the campsite in the form of rolls and juice, as well as sausages and beer or water.

At the campsite you have the opportunity to grill, rent canoes or go online, if you miss it.

Shuttle buses to the festival site runs every half hour.

People with disabilities and children:

Of course there is also the opportunity to come to the festival even if you are in a wheelchair or similar. You can even bring a helper free. Should you have switched help during the festival can also be done. Just remember to sign up for the festival before June 10, 2016 . There is also a podium located at Great scene for Disabled right next to the artist's merchandise stalls.

It also introduced a young bracelets for those under 18 years. It is to keep alcohol laws are upheld. It is not possible to buy alcohol for people under 18 years.

Children aged 0-6 years have free entrance accompanied by an adult. From 7 years old and must have a ticket to be exchanged for wristbands.

Food and drinks:

There are many trade stalls and food stalls at the festival, which each year provides the framework for the good atmosphere. As the gap has got everything you need to not take food and drinks into the festival site. Sales in the stalls is to get the festival to run around and hopefully make a profit, so associations in the city to enjoy it. So you support not only the festival but throughout the city's thriving cultural life.

Some of the permanent stalls are pub, Ølstedet, coffee shop, Barbarbar tent scene and HG-tent, Ernies Ecke and Appelsinbar. At the last bar you can both get juice with and without vodka, so if you're not careful you're probably not quite appelsinfri when you leave the bar.

Tent scene also has live music from its own stage, and the opportunity to both sit inside the tent and outside in the glorious weather.

5 tips

- It is possible to have stored your stuff in the wardrobe. It may be that you have taken an umbrella too much, or you do not bother running around in your backpack. Throw it in the wardrobe and get it back in the wardrobe closes at. respectively 01:00 Thursday and 02:00 Friday and Saturday.

- If you have been away from your family or friends and you do not have any power on your phone, or you have lost then, go to the Info tent. It is good to agree to use it as a meeting place if you are away from each other. There is a blackboard you can write messages on so others can see that you have been there or where you went.

- Rather than bring selfiestænger, then get someone else to take a picture of you and your friends. It is also a good old-fashioned way to get in touch with others. And in Southern Jutland are so hospitable that they like to take a picture or two of you and your family.

- You must leave the dog at home, like you do not have to take weapons of any kind.

- In return, you may take a folding chair with. Sometimes you need a little rest, even if it's your favorite band. And if it's rainy, or has been, it's not the coolest thing to sit on the ground.

The music at the festival:

Although the gap festival is located in pleasant surroundings, far away from most major cities, and although there is only room for 8,500 guests at the festival, so there is constant music to all festival goers. There are five stages spread throughout the square, where there are at least two concerts going on all the time.

When you come in from the south entrance takes you first to the Pub scene. This is where the more folk and blues influenced bands play so as Dicte, Mathilde Falch, Tom Donovan and Ester Brohus. If you progress into the square you will come to the tent scene. Here the bands as Baal, The Blue Van and Phlake. If you come in from the north entrance, and go straight into the bin stage. Here the 80s and modern music that characterizes the image. Here you can experience Shaka Loveless, Saybia, Gilli, Beth Hart and eventually my definitely not least: Johnny Madsen!

If you move south from Tray scene, you pass the narrow Scene. Here is the only music on Friday and Saturday. On the other hand, it is also the way to closing. The Narrow Scene has the slightly more quirky and alternative bands as TooManyLeftHands, Mellemblond and Girls in Airports.

In the middle of the entire festival site is situated Main Stage. Surrounded by lots of ølboder and restaurants, the biggest names in Danish music room here, unless you are more a fan of one of the previously mentioned or any of the many other names that play. Store stage plays include: Lars Lilholt, Kim Larsen, Lis Sorensen, Gnags, Dances with Boys and DAD

And DAD ending course feast of time. 1:00 Saturday night.


When so many people to be out and in and around the festival area, so it is important that it be done so there is room for everyone. Of course there are fences all around and at the stages. In addition, there Samaritans at one end of the festival site at the Tent Stage.

See an overview of the festival site here.