clinical Biomechanics

City Student Scholarships Category Duration Admission Requirements
Odense SU berettiget Masters 2 year Gymnasiel
City Odense
Student Scholarships SU berettiget
Category Masters
Duration 2 year
Admission Requirements Gymnasiel
clinical Biomechanics

As biomekaniker you get to work with the human body's joints and muscles, and the various treatment techniques that are necessary to get the pain and complications of life. Absolutely essential you with a training judgment biomekaniker able to act as chiropractic. So if you are fond of fitness, exercise and other physical forms, as well as treatment of some of the damage that occurs in active athletes, the Clinical Biomechanics definitely for you.

At the master gives you more independent work and you learn about diagnostic imaging and radiography. So you also have the ability to read and interpret X-rays and other scans.

Many chiropractic students see themselves on a par with doctors, as many of their subjects follow the medical students. However, you can not call yourself a doctor afterwards.

You may want to combine your education with research because education is one of the most research in the world.

The MSc in Clinical Biomechanics is only offered through the University of Southern Denmark, and therefore the study environment marked by just as many Danes as other Nordic students. After completing the master's program, you can start a 1-year internship training as a chiropractor in Denmark, or you can choose to take your training period abroad. The training program is the direct way to becoming licensed chiropractor.

Job Opportunities

As a trained biomekaniker / chiropractor will find job opportunities, almost equally in the public health care in private clinics.

Special admission requirements

Bachelor's degree in clinical biomechanics.