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We are a member of the Danish bike shops with certified 5 star facility.

It's not every bicycle repair shop that can be certified as Your Bike Contractor. The certification requires its staff to regularly update their knowledge on the types of bicycles, equipment and gear and brake systems. The workshop must meet precise requirements, both in terms of tools and equipment, and the store must be in control of the routines.

Guarantee scheme
Your Bicycle Contractor is associated Bicycle Industry Guarantee, which ensures a quick and effective treatment, if you for some reason are not satisfied with your purchase or repair. Details and form can be obtained from Danish Bicycle Dealers.

Service and warranty provisions

When you buy a new bike from a member of the Danish Bicycle Dealers will receive a service booklet with warranty provisions checklist for preparation, tips, locking certificate, service cards and instructions for maintenance of your new bike.

Also, quality products must be regularly checked and adjusted. Therefore, it is wise to keep supervision inspections, which stands in the service booklet. You also get the added bonus that adhere to the four initial inspection, you have the option of an extension of the deadline for complaints by the rules below:

1. On all bicycles 2-year claims. If not otherwise included in the sales note or on a separate warranty card extended warranty from 1 September 2004 to 3 years on parts and 5 years on frame and fork against breakage if the four initial inspection respected and carried out by your dealer. The extended warranty applies to manufacturing or material defects and assuming normal use.

2. Is the cycle exposed to breakage due to manufacturing defects, replace it with a new one of similar make and model. This applies in any case the first 2 years for bicycles if the price is less than 6,000 kroner. But complied with the above conditions, extended warranty and replacement rule for five years, unless otherwise specified in the sales note or separate warranty card on the bike. Any attached optional migrated to the new bike. A breach of the fork caused by manufacturing defects, equipped with a new one.

By breakage due to manufacturing defects within the first two years on bicycles if the price is over 6,000 crowns, replaced the frame and components are migrated.

The warranty covers both parts and labor, but not errors caused by vandalism, collision, lack of maintenance, abnormal use or normal wear.

Nationwide service
All checks should generally be performed in the bicycle shop where the bicycle was purchased. Are you, however, moved to another town, the measures have been done by any bicycle dealer that is a member of the Danish Bicycle Dealers. Be aware that in this case, the first overhaul is not expected to be free.


Skibhusvej 105
5000 Odense C

Contact info

Tlf.: 65 91 84 40

Opening Hours

Dagligt 09.00- 17.30
Lørdag lukket (vinterhalvår)
Sommer halvår: 10.00-13.00


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