ceramics line

City Student Scholarships Category Admission Requirements Education Institution
Denmark Ingen SU eller løn Folk School Courses Ingen Engel Højskole
City Denmark
Student Scholarships Ingen SU eller løn
Category Folk School Courses
Admission Requirements Ingen
Education Institution Engel Højskole
ceramics line

Understanding the form is a requirement for all who work with art.

Putting the form of something is a way to express themselves artistically on which many artists can better relate to, than for example poetry. One of the expressions exist that are ceramic.

Through working in ceramics workshop at Engelsholm becoming everyday a reactor for intensity, energy, conceptual thinking, idea and form.

Ceramics bar offers a wide selection of modular course, which allows you to compose your own course, depending on whether you have interest in working with ceramics as an artistic expression that design, pottery or crafts.

Engelsholm offers 16 weekly lessons teaching on line courses.

At the school, it is the attitude that form understanding is fundamental to all who work with art. Your work of art requires you to learn how to visualize your ideas, describe them to others and realize them through education.

This built through daily use of the sketchbook, dialogue about the works, presentations and constructive criticism.

You can compose your own course, which contains one or more of the following disciplines, which together give you a broad knowledge of ceramics in theory and practice.


Here is a brief introduction to how you can put together your own course:

Work process: idea generation / sketching / problem formulation

Form and material: spatial composition / positive and negative shape / color / sto fl ighed / decoration / composition on form and surface.

Technical disciplines: Turning / sausage technique / plate technology / modeling / reproduction techniques in plaster / casting / kvætsning

Material Knowledge: clay / glaze / firing techniques

Decorating techniques: brush decoration / injection technique / stamp decoration / serigra fi

Ceramics as artistic expression, such as design, pottery or crafts

Job Opportunities

Ceramic artist.