Engel Højskole

Engel Højskole

Engelsholm University is an art school where art and creativity in people-centered. Crafts on Engelsholm School's music, visual art and creative expression on the canvas.

Engelsholm University is in many ways a modern Grundtvigian school, where the foundation of education is still democratic education, popular education and philosophy of life.

about School

The framework for a stay of Engelsholm University, both outside and inside, is top notch for artistic contemplation and creativity. Engelsholm University offers a unique setting for your stay: a beautiful baroque castle with turrets and spiers, ghosts, moat, park, lake, forest and banqueting hall. The old farm buildings house the school's well-equipped workshops, which you can access around the clock.


Engelsholm University attaches great importance to the community and of human nature that there is room for everyone. It is in community that we as humans develop, learn to take responsibility and thereby show respect for each other.

Personal development

Engelsholm University is the perfect choice if you want a personal development both personally and artistically. On Engel Højskole you have optimal opportunities to develop your artistic genes express your creativity and challenge yourself on many levels. Personal development is also a process where you meet new people and associate strong bonds and friendships, often for life.


Teaching at Engelsholm School is characterized by an academic teaching at a high level. Tuition is based on crafts, idea, theory and method in which all students participate actively in class and all questions are welcome. Here the creativity also means that you as a student does not simply reproduce something already-existing, but create something new!

long courses

Engelsholm School offers six high-profile long courses - also referred to as main subjects. There are 16 lessons teaching on the lines - every week. Classes are held in the school's large and well-equipped workshops, which is housed in the former farm buildings. The workshops are well equipped with all kinds of utensils, tools, machines and musical instruments - and they are open around the clock! The six main subjects are:

Glass line , working on the following workshops: glassblowing, furnace-formed glass, glass casting, ceramics, indoor and outdoor burning
Songwriter line : here working with the composition of text and music, and working with the arrangement and production.
Electronic Music Line , this work is based on the computer, but still with the creativity put in focus.
Fine line , working in both paints in the studio and the graphic workshop as well as with a variety of different printing techniques.
Jewellery line , working in the jewelery workshop and as needed along with related workshops.
Ceramics The line offers unique opportunities to learn and explore the ceramic art high-level professional equipment, dedicated and experienced teachers.


A stay at Engelsholm School is not a guarantee of a future as a professional artist. But many students from Engelsholm School has qualified for the Academy of Art, Design School, MGK and other higher education in music and art.


Engelsholmvej 6
7182 Bredsten

Contact info

Telefon: 75 88 35 55
E-mail: engelsholm@engelsholm.dk


songwriter line

Electronic Music Line

Fine line

ceramics line

Glassblowing and Furnace formed glass

jewelry line


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Engel Højskole
Engel Højskole
Engel Højskole