James Dean Dance Bar

James Dean Dance Bar

James Dean is one of the older places in Odense, who still enjoys very high popularity among the nightlife guests.

And it is with good reason, for there is always the party of James Dean. The combination of partying guests, good music, the opportunity for a game of billiards, good service and cheap drinks and beer makes the place one of them with the most time in the in Odense.

Drinks and Beer

James Dean is always running with fixed deals on drinks. For just 25, - you can enjoy a waffle bævle, vodka juice, tequila sunrise, hawaii or pina colada your choice. In addition, you can every day get a large Albanians draft beer, Odense or classic, to just 27 - or big Heineken to 29, -. On Friday and Saturday the price rises, however, the draft beer for 43 - after at. 20:00.

There is time in the James Dean

Another detail that makes it extra attractive opening hours! James Dean has namely, as one of the very few in Odense, open seven days a week. That means you can enjoy all the benefits of the place even on Sunday and Monday evening. See all the opening times in the top right box on this page.


Mageløs 12
5000 Odense C

Contact info

Telefon: 66 11 90 52

Opening Hours

Mandag - onsdag: 12:00-02:00
Torsdag:                12:00-03:00
Fredag - Lørdag:    12:00-05:00
Søndag:                 13:00-01:00


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James Dean Dance Bar