Sports Clinic Training Centre, Massage School

Sports Clinic Training Centre, Massage School

Sports Clinic Training Center also called Massage School offers training for massage therapists in-depth physiological massage.

The school is managed and owned by Søren Pedersen trained physiotherapist and has previously worked as a physiotherapist for OB's major league teams, and here obtained knowledge and experience in the field. - Why you can be sure that the school builds on a professional basis, where the massage is focused.

Here you will be guaranteed a quality education, the teaching of various disciplines, ensuring you a broad knowledge and many skills. Thus, you will meet teachers who normally work with massage for sports injuries, rehabilitation, relaxation massage mm. Furthermore, you will get training in medical education, occupational therapists, physiotherapists and the like. all providing a good base for your future work as a masseur.

Besides an extensive amount of theoretical knowledge, will you at school also have an extensive amount of practical experience in the profession. Here it is important that that you are comfortable with the work and know how to take proper hold and really making a difference for future customers.


Sdr. Boulevard 17A
5000 Odense C

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Sports Clinic Training Centre, Massage School