Why do an internship in university education?

Why do an internship in university education?

Many students at the country's further higher education, are not aware of what they're missing!

The vast majority of students in universities, do not understand why they should take an internship during the study. - They think that it is only for the practical training. But it does not have to be that way. Everyone has probably gradually become aware of the akademikerjobsene not grow on trees. You'll no longer get jobs, solely because. A high average. More than ever before, counts your experience on the resume. Therefore, an internship is a unique opportunity for you to enter an exciting workplace and give you valuable experience. In addition to the points on the resume, it is also an opportunity for you to test out your expectations for a possible. career, discovering what skills you have and what you still need. Finally, the internship be a stepping stone on the career path because the stay can give you invaluable contacts. In many studies it is possible to do an internship for half a year, which corresponds to 30 ECTS for instance, that so instead covers 1-2 electives. This works the internship as part of the study. Therefore, you will not be delayed on your studies because you choose to get some experience. Many organizations and companies have become aware of what a nearly complete, free candidate can be used. So there is almost no limit to what positions you can apply! What dreams do you have for the future? Try them out! Many companies see it as a big plus to the young people themselves take the initiative. Therefore an unsolicited application is not urgent, but show your courage and independence. So do not be afraid to write or call for your dream job. But however you must be aware of certain points;

1. One should be aware that the stay usually unpaid. Most often it is possible to SU during the stay, but otherwise you should not count on financial help. Some places you can, however, be lucky and get transport covered.

2. The company must of course be relevant to your studio! The stay must be approved by a study board to see the purpose of that give you credit for half a year of work, away from the studio. In addition, you usually finish their stay with a report where you explain for what you got out of your stay. (If you are unsure about where to apply for a position along, it's a good idea to show up at the studio exhibition. Here are representatives of various companies that would love to talk to you about an internship position. In addition, some studies , even agreements with jobs you can get an internship, examine your options carefully!)

3. You need to get started with preparations in good time. It takes more time than just expected to get all things relating to an internship in place. Besides that you have to make room for a full time job, which probably has other hours than you're used to, you both have the agreement in place with the intern and the particular university. Otherwise there is a danger that you can not later get it approved as part of the study.

4. Put yourself well in your particular studies rules and allier you with a good supervisor. This will avoid being surprised rules, you might not comply - and has wasted a lot of time. Both your own and others.

5. Make sure you have clear agreements with the company. What tasks should you perform? Should you create tasks or assist others? How long is your working day? Do you vacation? It would be a shame if you waste a half years of nothing, because you and the employer have conflicting expectations. They need to know what you expect of stay, and what they expect of you. Remember to be realistic!

So if this sounds like something for you, it is just to get started. You get with an internship with a unique opportunity to show what you can, both facing a future labor but not least also to yourself!