How to become a croupier?

How to become a croupier?

Casinos history

Since time immemorial, man has amused himself by wager and play at different events and outcomes of cards and dice. One of the now established places to make this kind of game of a casino. Casinos emerged in the 1600s in Italy, of which the word Casino also comes from. In the Wild West also emerged in these slot parlors called saloons, which later became the more established casinos. Nevertheless the casinos until their heyday in the 1930s in the United States, where, among other Las Vegas and Atlantic City are some of the largest and best known in the world.

Far from Las Vegas in Denmark there are six casinos with a license to operate casino legally. Located strategically around in Denmark by the six largest hubs / large cities and near the famous tourist attractions such as Legoland and Tivoli can almost call it playground for adults.

Additionally, there are also casinos on various cruise ships, which are often very popular because it is one of the reasons that people take on the cruise. Besides dice games and card games are also roulette and slot machines.

At a casino, there is a more or less unwritten rule that you must be neat in the clothes, since most of the show that customers aura of class and style. However, it is a mixture of people who have money, who are having fun using them and people who want to use their luck to win this money.

With a casino on offer include croupierne. A croupier is the one that matches the gaming tables at the casino. It is kotyme croupier to provide a sum tip for hot card, which in the course of an evening can provide a great deal tip.


Among the reasons why the job as a croupier also very popular. However, not just anyone can be hired as a croupier. It requires that you take a specific training which croupier and selection process for this is very intensive and it requires a certain personality, psyche and dexterity. Training croupier takes about eight weeks.

Many are however not employed as a croupier in a first job at a casino. If you come through the eye of the needle to the program and implement the difficult hiring process, you will first employed as a dealer at the blackjack tables and the American roulette.

A croupier and a dealer should really just make sure that every game goes by the regulations. You must be really good at counting as a dealer and you must also be able to see if people are trying to cheat. To give that extra little experience of exclusivity spoken often English at the tables.

In addition to English and have some sense of control a table with people who have had a little to drink, then there are some more little unusual job requirements that must be met before you can be considered as a croupier or dealer.

Basically, do not be too young, or too old. If you are a woman who has suffered bartender experience is more likely that you can be employed as early as you are over 22. If you are color blind can you be just as well not to apply when the chips have different colors and you must be completely sure what you are taking and when they have very different value.

Additionally, you must be quick mental arithmetic, have a good memory and could hold to stand up all day. As a woman, it can be quite hard to stand up for long hours in high heels.

Do you have multiple language skills, such as German, French or Spanish, and you are always well-dressed and presentable, you are assured a higher priority than your co-applicants. Last but not least, you must also have a clean criminal record.

Working hours are often changing, but the busiest times usually are evening and night and on weekends. However, you get breaks regularly during your shift, so you can keep to stand at the table. If necessary, refer here to see more about the program to the croupier.

Play Casino

If you do not want to work at a casino, but just want to try your luck to win a little money, you can find a list of online/ "Target =" _ blank "> casinos here.

Here you will also find casinos that offer a welcome bonus and descriptions of the different games available.

You will find, however, no tricks on how to best wins over the house in a casino. It is not illegal to play for game systems, but it is frowned upon and you risk being kicked out of the casino if you practice it. In an online casino it is easier to run these systems, but just remember that it is a computer you are playing against and at any time will be able to win over you. As the saying goes: "The House always wins."

Try always the games in free versions so you get an understanding of the game first. Then you can always consider an amount you can play for fun. It is important not to get carried away too much with which one can easily get to, so you get to spend much more money than you originally intended. Play wisely and have a pleasant evening at the casino in town or online.