What should you do if you are denied your choice of study?

What should you do if you are denied your choice of study?

Every 4 is rejected at their first choice of study.

There are several records in study recorded for 2016. Both the number of applicants and the number entering. The number of rejected applicants also experienced only a slight decline on a less than 1% compared to last year, but it is still a very high figure.

Compared to 2015, there are 1,138 more who have come into higher education.

In total, 94,744 sought into higher education in 2016, which is 2 percent more than the year before. Unfortunately, only 66,439 Danes who have come into their dream education so every 4th Dane had to find an alternative solution.


Why rejected so many?

There may be many reasons why so many are rejected. One of the most obvious reasons is that there is just no room on the respective education because they are very popular and there are not enough resources to handle the many students.

Another reason may be that if a particular subject or training area has gotten a lot of attention in the media, pales many other subjects and therefore sought in the common areas that most people know and therefore many rejected.

It may also be that young students do not know what they want and therefore just choose a random area because they do not want to take a sabbatical or because they feel pressured to take a course of their entourage.


But besides the obvious opportunities for grounds for refusal are also some regulatory circumstances that are unlikely to play a major role. Including notably the increased demands on the students. The increased demands for higher average means that fewer are able to enter their dreams of study if they have achieved these characters. It also increases the pressure on the students and gives them stress.

Half of the candidates do not meet the conditions to be admitted to the program, or have a qualifying exam to be admitted. Therefore, for many applicants may be beneficial to take some additional courses so you can apply again next year.


Help if you are denied

If you have entered, you can call or chat with e-manual, which is part of UddannelsesGuiden.dk . They are ready with counselors who can help you to find an alternative education or find out if there are seats on the dream study elsewhere in the country. In this case it is possible to search there. They also help find related programs, which you can take instead.

There are many young people seeking education programs offering the best job prospects. Among other things, the training very much in demand despite the adversities reform and cutbacks, it has had for a long time. This year (2016) there are 14% more applicants than last year. The high figure is probably that there will be a shortage of teachers, but also because there were so few applicants last year, then there is little to create a growth area.

Additionally disciplines as engineers also very popular. The number of applicants for the Bachelor increased by 12% and the master program by 9%.


The 10 jobs with the highest løngevinster.

Here is a brief list of the 10 higher education, on average, provide the highest salary for graduates. The list is compiled by CEPOS. You can see the full list here.

  1. Insurance Science, Cand. act.
  2. Doctor, cand. with.
  3. Medicine, ph.d.med.
  4. Technology and Economics, BSc, professions bachelor
  5. The auditor candidate, cand. merc. aud.
  6. Mathematics, MSc. merc.
  7. Jura, ph.d.jur.
  8. Pharmacist, ph.d.pharm.
  9. Political Science, Master of Economics.
  10. Mathematics-Economics, cand.scient.oecon.

As shown in the list is the best paid jobs in the engineering, doctor, accountant, lawyer, insurance and banking, politics and medicine industry. It is not so much something new. Note also that the unemployment rate (in parentheses) is very low in these industry areas, which means there is a big job security. A high job security also helps to increase wages because there is very little competition for the same jobs.

Although these courses at the upper end, it is not necessarily the jobs where top earners. Some jobs require some form of training or experience and can easily give even more than the top of the list. Just look at the many successful entrepreneurs or fashion designers, who may not have more than a high school education. Or the few who choose to become space scientists or work with robots.

The list is only a contemporary description of how it looks, but whys we look ahead, there will be new jobs, which will replace existing jobs. Maybe they will not lie down at the top of the list of løngevinster, but they will change society as we know it and therefore it is important to keep your eyes and ears open as to what is going on in education and in social development.


What are your options?

When you look at what courses leading to the high salaries and the high requirements for the grade average is, then one can conclude that if you want a high salary, so you should work for good grades in school, if you choose a different path as successful entrepreneur, Hollywood actor or have inherited a rich uncle.

The training with the greatest rejection and require the highest average is International Business. It takes more than 12 on average. It is now four years in a row to the training ranks first on the requirements for the highest mark.

Do you not think you're the type who can achieve the highest grades in all subjects, or do not want the pressures that may arise among your classmates, check out some of the alternatives that exist. Become ski instructor in Canada, a musician in Austria, go to Japan and learn Japanese or to India and study yoga at close range. The possibilities are endless, so do not limit the current programs that exist. Search and find your education here at Student Guide and follow your heart and your interests.