Hunters Pub

Hunters Pub

Are you a hunter for good beer and good football? Hunters Pub is an English-inspired pub or bodega, which has just the rustic style inside and out. If you only look at the facade would you believe that you were back in the early 1900s. The furniture is mahogany and the walls in dark colors that compliment the old style. The bar is probably one of the longest bars in Aarhus, if not the longest. However, there is not a single taps at it as only serves bottled beers. It is in itself very bodega-like, which Hunters Pub is after all, but at the same time it also provides a more intimate and friendly atmosphere, and the possibility of a more close conversation with the bartender when there is such a block between you. Moreover, the beers also very cheap at Hunters Pub.

This is where people meet for a beer after work and this is where you rooting for the local football team or those you now hold with when watching football at the pub. If there is no football on screen, you can even enjoy a game of football with your friends. Or you can play darts or dice. If you can get a seat at the slot machines, you can also see if you can get Jackpot there.

If you arrive early in the day, there are many regulars, but if you are a student you are safe even fast regular. There is always cozy at Hunters Pub and it's a good place to lay out before you go to the city and chase women (or men).

Student Guide recommends that you take a walk down the Frederiks Alle and find it cozy tavern that has taken its name from the nearby road. Start your hunt at the pub or rest your legs and have a chat with the singing bartender. There are always high spirits and happy days from you come to you yesterday.

See the atmosphere in the pub at Hunters Pubs Facebook page here and get info on news and events.

Student Discounts

No, but there is cheap.


Frederiksalle 97
8000 Aarhus C

Contact info

Telefon: 86 13 63 50

Opening Hours

man-tor: 09:00-23:00
fre:         09:00-02:00
lør:         10:00-02:00
søn:       10:00-22:00


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Hunters Pub
Hunters Pub
Hunters Pub
Hunters Pub