Higher character of coffee!

Higher character of coffee!

We here at Studenterguiden.dk drinking many cups of coffee over the years, some good, others not so good. Common to them all is that a cup of coffee is not just a cup of coffee.
It may be the one that gives you a boost day after a long night with homework. It can be a good cup of coffee to your job interview or perhaps a cup of coffee on the first date. Whatever coffee means because you are in our book is important to have the option of a coffee that does not frighten people away. Therefore, we made a deal with one of the most famous brands in the coffee industry for Peter Larsen Coffee.

Peter Larsen Coffee has delivered high quality coffee to the Danes for more than 100 years. They have, in cooperation with Caffitaly to offer capsule machine M2, besides coffee can make cocoa, tea and not least espresso and lungo.

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Michael Boll, Business Area Manager at Peter Larsen Coffee says;
Our objective in this area is to provide quality flavors to all who appreciate it - not least the coffee while it's convenience and to come to the money! We know that as a student you do not always have the big budget. The capsule machine M2 may Peter Larsen Coffee offer students the opportunity to get on Denmark - perhaps the fastest growing trend, capsule market. The capsule machine M2 achieves the sense of joy and not least the unique taste experience not just of coffee but also tea and chocolate! We look forward to that also the students can get a great taste experience, whether it's coffee, tea or chocolate!

M2 model has won the '' Best in Test "in eg the Sunday paper. Read more here - and we in the office have also been very impressed with this particular model. Traditional machines of this caliber typically costs more than kr. 1,000, but M2 model offers the same - and then some - to a much lower price. Add to that the ability to switch front for several different colors, quality capsules at competitive prices and other exciting things on the web shop. See full range here .

Peter Larsen Kaffe alternative to the more expensive capsule machines are a great choice. The model is also ideal if you live more together, or just want to give a gift to one of his good friends, family or girlfriend. Usually these machines are incredibly expensive for students, but by special agreement we have on Studenterguiden.dk opportunity to offer all our users this new model at an extremely competitive price.

You can acquire you this amazing machine for kr. 499, - Normal price is up to 1.371.- to save you over 65%. We have also made sure that you get one package Faritrade coffee White Rainbow and 1 packet Center chocolate - for free!

You can buy the machine here: Coffee maker. Remember to use the code:
"Guidestudent13" to get a discount!

You can read the Quick reference guide for capsule machine at this link

Watch YouTube videos directly on Peterlarsenkaffe.dk                       

About Peter Larsen Coffee:
For more than 100 years, coffee lovers throughout Denmark benefited from quality coffee from Peter Larsen Coffee. The company was founded back in the 1902nd
Ever since Peter Larsen Coffee delivered to the Danish merchants, and it is therefore quite rightly, that they call themselves "Denmark Mestre" bean coffee. Over time the company has adapted to new forms of coffee production, and can now offer a wide range of coffee capsules that fit your new machine from Caffitaly.

More about Peter Larsen Coffee can be found at: http://www.peterlarsenkaffe.dk