brain Doping

brain Doping

It has become more and more normal to take drugs to promote its performance for the exam. samples here to give you an overview of the options, the overall picture as well as an objective answer on whether it is worthwhile to take performance-enhancing drugs up to such. examination.

It has long been known in the sports world. Here, however large scale chosen to ban doping. However, until now not illegal in the educational context and in the United States, studies show that 7 percent of students in higher education use of performance-enhancing drugs. In other words, it is in great progress in the United States and now begin craze also to address in Denmark.

The significance of this is, on the whole, that you as a student suddenly in competition with other students who perform better on medication. Therefore, it is something you, as a committed student also must relate to if you still want to be part of the top. For universities refuse until further control of brain doping, so there is not any outside rescue imminent. The Ethics Committee warns against brain doping and recommend legislation, but there is a long way to parliament.

We will now review the most popular medications used for promotion of performance. Everything we refer to is legal medicine, printed by the doctor. There is also a consumption of illicit drugs among students in Denmark to use for promotion of performance, but those we go through for good reasons.

Remove the nervousness with Beta blockers

Beta-blockers are usually used for heart patients. The drug reduces blood pressure and removes the nervousness of exams, making it possible to focus on the task and the questions. Side effects can include muscle fatigue, cold hands and feet, fatigue, dizziness, nausea and diarrhea, nightmares and violent dreams. Depression and erectile dysfunction may occur in men. Beta blockers will further disqualify you at a doping test.

Study 24/7 with Ritalin

Ritalin is used normally to treat ADHD and narcolepsy. The composition may also be used by healthy people to increase the concentration and freshness. In other words, you can sit almost around the clock concentrated on a topic that book, task, or the like. However, it may have the opposite effect of more complex tasks. An American study showed that 25% of students surveyed and 20% of the surveyed researchers took advantage of Ritalin. Further believes nearly 50% to Ritalin is ok to make use of for this purpose. There are a number of possible side-effects of Ritalin. The most common are fever, decreased appetite, weight loss, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, palpitations, cough, etc. The worst thing / rare side effects consisting of stroke, blood clots, heart attack, etc.

Stay fresh on Caffeine Tablets

Caffeine Tablets works the same way as some cups of coffee, and get fresh. There is usually no major side effects of this and it can help a great deal by cramming ol We recommend doge to drink coffee instead of taking, the sometimes dubious, Caffeine Tablets. Drink not too much before the exam because it can make you feel uncomfortable, increase the number of toilet visits etc. Caffeine will disqualify you at a doping test.

Relax on Nerve Medicine

Nerve Medicine, there are different varieties of. Common to them is that they are usually used for people with depression, anxiety, etc. It will typically get you to relax and be in a good mood for the exam. Hear more about the various options and side effects from your own doctor.


A stimulant which most are familiar with, and have available at home. Therefore also regularly used to relax on before an exam. This is not recommended because alcohol overall effect is exacerbating feelings. So you feel anxious and uncomfortable, then this amplified. At the same time alcohol lethargic and gives you a blurred / divergent thinking, which may affect negatively the exam. So stay away from alcohol in the context of the examination and study.


As one can easily read to above, you get nothing without betting anything. Studenterguidens opinion is on this basis that you should basically not take neuro enhancement preparations (NEP) / brain doping, unless you have one overriding problem at the exam, which can not be solved by exercise. Taking the example. Beta blockers for the exam and get away with it, then you are probably also to the next exam. And then the n æ next time you need to interview. And next time you give a presentation ... In other words, there is a high chance that it gets out of hand and every time you use the substance, there will be another chance for side effects.

Would you rather "completely gone" and "by getting cardiac arrest" for exams and work coaching and exercises after many attempts, so it is clearly worth considering NEP, but only as a last resort. It is Studenterguidens sense. Other compares However NEP get a flu vaccine. As a final solution, we will not reach. But now you can even decide on the basis of objective information. Also remember that you need a prescription and thereby a doctor must approve it, which after all enhances safety by NEPS significantly.

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