Health & Fitness

City Student Scholarships Category Admission Requirements Education Institution
Denmark Ingen SU eller løn Folk School Courses Ingen Bosei sports high school
City Denmark
Student Scholarships Ingen SU eller løn
Category Folk School Courses
Admission Requirements Ingen
Education Institution Bosei sports high school
Health & Fitness

On Heath and fitness you spent all your muscles in the body. You can throw with kettlebells, running intervalløb, train with weights or drag tires. There are many possibilities, so if you are fond of cultivating your body or you just think it needs a decent game that not only can be done by a weekly visit to the gym, take this course.

You will of course also healthy and nutritious food between workouts to help you begin a new lifestyle or keep it if you had already started.

It is not just workout day long. It is the morning of the training takes place, so you can get out of bed and get the adrenaline and get the body's own endorphins to "push" you to do more.

After lunch shiatsu massage and acupressure which you perform on one of the other students and vice versa.

You learn different kinds of training so you can combine the type of exercise that suits you best. You also get lessons in theory of how the body works and what affects the body in what ways, so you know what to avoid and what you should do to have a healthy body.

But no healthy body without a healthy mind too. You get to enjoy your yoga or meditation classes, which you can use to indulge in.