healing Massage

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City Copenhagen
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Education Institution Oasis - Growth Centre for Personal Development
healing Massage

"Opens up a whole new world when we realize how much we can give to ourselves and to each other with gentle touch and attentive presence. "

Basic Course, Step 1
In the basic course you will experience greater acceptance and love for yourself, your body and the person you really are. The course is open to all who want to learn to give and receive a full body massage. A massage is gentle, healing and profound, and which is lovely both giving and receiving. The basic course in healing massage is the starting point and may be taken either as a standalone course, or as the first step on the massage therapist program. Healing Massage built up step by step, so that you learn basic massage techniques and rules. You learn to massage in a responsible way, so you can safely give to friends and family a pleasant and relaxing effect healing massage.

Teaching alternates between theoretical presentations, demonstrations of massage techniques and the sharing of massage. You learn about the body - mind connections that sense energy and to work carefully and attentively to the different body areas. You learn how to open and close a healing massage, and how to create trusting contact. You also get tools and inspiration on how to work with your own development in relation to the massage, and you'll learn a simple meditation technique, so you before the actual massage centers yourself and become more present. In reality, personal development always about it - presence - the inner silence - that we can not put into words. And this is where you first see who you basically are. Giving and receiving is the language of the heart and essence of healing massage. Besides being a great tool for relaxation, stress management and well-being, healing massage therefore also a beautiful and valuable tool for healing and self-development.

Because the course is an opportunity to share your insights and experiences. You will learn that many things are common, so in this way you are experiencing cohesion. The group is a respite to freely ask questions and share your experiences along the way, get feedback and get new tools for your personal process.

Job Opportunities

Healing Masseur.