commerce Management

City Student Scholarships Category Duration Admission Requirements
Copenhagen SU berettiget Professional Courses 2 year Gymnasiel
City Copenhagen
Student Scholarships SU berettiget
Category Professional Courses
Duration 2 year
Admission Requirements Gymnasiel
commerce Management

Trade economist is an education reminiscent of Marketing Management program , but the difference is that there is less focus on marketing and more focus on direct trading between companies.

Trade Economists are the types that follow up on sales and purchases within the company. They are the ones that get the wheels of the business to drive around for a day, with market economists are those who focus on sales to the outside.

Commerce Management program is a 2-year higher education that will prepare you to meet business critical need for employees who can create growth, have the talent to sell and at what products you should buy when. Commerce Management program provides specific skills in procurement, operations and sales. During the training you built a knowledge of communication where one of the key areas is personal development. Just personal development and self-knowledge is important for you as a sales talent, as it is key for example, cooperation / networking, creative problem solving and entrepreneurship. It is one of the program's objectives, you must understand the business economics and financial management. Organisation theory will also be treated to give you optimal understanding of the structure of a sales organization, and you get analytical tools and methods to understand the business environment. Of course we will work carefully with theories and techniques in procurement, logistics and sales.

The two-year higher education is structured over four semesters. The first two take place at the school where all the theories are reviewed. The next two takes place in a business where the theory into practice, and where adequate understanding of where and how each theory areas interact. The internship ends with a principal who would like based on a current problem, as the company wants machined.

Job Opportunities

District manager, store manager, department manager, sales manager, account manager and so on. There are many opportunities to work with an education as trade economist.

Special admission requirements

In order to be admitted to trading Management program, you must have a high school education (HHX, HF, STX, HTX) with English at level C or vocational training in the retail, commercial, office or Finance with English at level C and math level D or economics level D.