Free e-books for study

Free e-books for study

Internet bookstore offer free e-books (compendiums), you can download and use in your study. The e-books are an offer, which all have issues that are relevant to students at different levels, and in particular subject areas. Compendiums about mathematics, statistics, economics and chemistry.

The e-books from Saxo.combliver delivered to your e-mail about 10 minutes after you have made your booking via All eBooks in this article are free to order and download from You will receive an email with a link you must click and voila - you have e-book on your desktop.
The e-books you can download for free:
Mathematics Formelsamling math formula collection is aimed to at students at technical schools, students with math at colleges and for students who need to use mathematics at level B to enter higher education f. Ex HA or economics. Formula collection contains formulas and evidence: Percentage, Rentesregning, annuitetsregning, power calculation rules, parabolas, polynomials, asymptote, logarithmic functions, exponential functions, power functions, trigonometry, linear functions, differential calculus, probability, stochastic variables, binomial distribution, integral calculus, quadratic functions and more.

Summing Mathematics This e-book is intended as a compendium of students at universities and business schools, and other programs that use mathematics as a foundation or tool of. The content is in the compendium covers a large part of the curriculum that you may run into at the gymnasium, HTX and HHX, and can easily be used as a reference or a supplement to your math lessons. Summing Mathematics starts with the basic mathematics at level B - this constitutes the first degree equations and second degree equations. You are then introduced to trigonometry, logarithms, exponential functions and probability, and much more. In the second part of the e-book, the focus is math used in universities and engineering programs. The mathematical concepts are here vectors, dot product, cross product, lines in space, and more.

Learn Easy! Statistics The target audience for this compendium of statistics is mainly economics and business administration students. Statistics can be for many students seem as difficult, complicated and confusing. With this compendium you're served a short and educational, approach to many of the main areas of statistics. You get a solid overview, and also get help to solve different task types that you may encounter via your study.

compendium of economics introduces you to the key concepts that appear in Business studies. At the same time you will find that the compendium is a good addition to your teaching and exams. The subject areas are explained in an easy way, and there is emphasis on the educational aspect, so that the text does not appear shaggy and arduous, but instead is easy to read. Each item in the Compendium begins with a brief description that clarifies the subject area, and the most essential issues in it. Creating a relation to concrete problems in companies, so you always have a link to the practical reality. Extract of disciplines compendium covers: Economy, market competition, demand, sales functions, elasticity, optimization models, production theory, inventory theory, Rentesregning, annuity loans, serial loans, NPV, financial leverage, liquidity and more.

Chemistry Compendium This compendium of chemistry is suitable for engineering students who have chemistry as a regular part of their education. The Compendium is a good addition to your specialized training in chemistry - you can easily use the e-book for reference or consult formulas and proofs. The Compendium can also be advantageously used for reference to teaching and exams. In chemistry compendium can find information on the following main fagområ; there: Atoms, chemical compounds, reaction kinetics, equilibrium, acids and bases, and electrochemistry.