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City Student Scholarships Category Duration Admission Requirements Education Institution
Denmark, Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense, Aalborg, Kolding Ingen SU eller løn Artistic Educations, Bachelors, Courses on specific subjects, Travel Abraod 3 år Ingen Marbella Design Academy
City Denmark, Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense, Aalborg, Kolding
Student Scholarships Ingen SU eller løn
Category Artistic Educations, Bachelors, Courses on specific subjects, Travel Abraod
Duration 3 år
Admission Requirements Ingen
Education Institution Marbella Design Academy
Graphical designer

Head to sunny Spain and study Graphic Design at Marbella Design Academy. You can study in English and will be awarded an official UK Bachelor of Arts title in Graphic Design.

In just three years, you can achieve the coveted English Bachelor of Arts title, awarded by skolen's partner Middlesex University London after leaving Marbella Design Academy.

The Bachelor of Arts approved graphic design training at Marbella Design Academy develops your creative problem-solving skills and your technical knowledge. The goal of education is to train yourself to a professional graphic designer who master all the skills and demands are being made for today's graphic designers within the dynamic graphical world that is constantly evolving. When finished graduated from the Marbella Design Academy, you are equipped to deal with any professional graphic design task is being offered you. You are trained from day one to think independently, communicate, collaborate, create creative solutions and solve any graphic challenge.

The graduates Graphic Designers from Marbella Design Academy can look forward to an exciting career. Graphic design is a course of rapid development where the only limit is your imagination.

The program starts twice a year in September and January.

As graduated Graphic Designer from Marbella Design Academy and holds an official Bachelor of Arts title in Graphic Design can you possibly continue your studies with a Master, a further 10 months at Middlesex University London or at any other university offering Masters in Graphic Design. At only 4 years can thus achieve to have both a Bachelor of Arts title and a Master title.

The school is a gem of a design school with capacity for 230 students coming from all over the world. The study environment is international and friendly. You have the Marbella Design Academy a very close dialogue and learning from your teachers in if you studied at a large university. The level is top notch, taught in English and you have a fantastic studio life.

One of the many benefits of studying at the Marbella Design Academy is among other things that you are going to stay with very low cost of living while studying. In the small town of Monda, which the school is located right next to you can go to restaurant almost every day with just a few Euros in your pocket. A cup of coffee and a drink costs 1 Euro, and a lunch at the school's restaurant GAUDI cost less than 5 Euros. Https://

You can get help from the school to find a home in the city as you possibly can share with another student. If you choose to share accommodation, you can stay in a 2 bedroom apartment with two bathrooms for less than 200 Euros per month all inclusive. See more about how students live Monda here:

As the sun shines 330 days a year there is the opportunity to practice many outdoor sports activities at your leisure. You can live a lifestyle in sunny Spain, many Danes will envy you. The students at the Marbella Design Academy has a great student. There are many deals that you can avail yourself of. See more about the offer here:

The Bachelor of Arts approved the Graphic Design course offers you the best education you can get in the industry. You will get a first-class education from day one.

During your training as a graphic designer you get the chance to explore graphic design through a variety of traditional and digital media. The curriculum is based around holistic, project-based teaching, which emphasizes graphic design practice based on research and analysis. You develop your skills in software design, advertising, packaging, photography, drawing, print and audio-visual communication.

Graphic design is one of the most far-reaching of the creative design education. This Bachelor of Arts program approved develop all the skills d u need to get success in your future career as a professional graphic designer.
Graphic designers create visual images and projects full of ideas and messages being communicated through writing, symbols, layout, photos, videos and technical skills that are important in ever to master in order to be competitive. Graphic Design industry and design professionals require skills such as communicating messages to the media in increasingly imaginative ways. Therefore it is important that students are stimulated to think outside the box and have a vivid imagination that can create graphic images that people can understand and which affects all our visual senses.

You will get to explore and develop many processes in graphic design during your training. See link:
Students are encouraged to be confident and to present themselves and their projects professionally in front of an audience. Skills that are essential when students present their future projects, as new trained professional graphic designers.

Marbella Design Academy has trained many professional graphic designers who has successfully created their own company. Others are fully satisfied to be engaged in interesting jobs.

Training as a Graphic Designer at the Marbella Design Academy gives you an insight into all the different job functions and career opportunities available within the industry. You will have the opportunity to learn not only the academic and practical skills that are essential for a Graphic Designer but also all essential personal skills such as confidence, presentation, organization, marketing, how to set up his own business, teamwork, and developing and express your own creative identity. You can see the school's Bachelor of Arts program approved on the school website. See link:

Graphic Design students at the Marbella Design Academy is often offered jobs even before they graduate. Most often it is up to 100% of the graduate students who are employed soon after graduation.

The school is nationally recognized by the Spanish Ministry of Education, which has made all the requirements for the construction and a modern design school for Marbella Design Academy. The school is built in the most beautiful surroundings and is designed specifically for the purpose of being a higher education center where inspiration and creativity thrive in the scenic surroundings.

The many teachers all have a professional background and making good use of the experience they have made from real life. Additionally retrieved like guest teachers into the teaching on very specific areas.

The Bachelor of Arts approved the Graphic Design program offered at the Marbella Design Academy is designed for students to achieve the highest academic standards in the latest modern techniques and processes.

The first year of the program covers all the basic skills necessary for you to be. See link: - first-year3560-0c1416a8-61ba
At the end of the year to present you your Year Project for 300 specially invited people in the design industry, including the press are present at the school's annual EXPO's.

The second year builds up your computer skills from the first year, with further professional training in the art. See link: - second-year3560-0c1416a8-61ba
On the third and last year you six weeks training in a Graphic Design company. You have the opportunity to have an influence on whether it should be in a local company or elsewhere in the world. The world is your oyster, so here you should utilize your connections as possible if you want to take your work experience abroad. You can get help from the school to find a good and exciting internship.

In the third year completes you also your final project you will present at the end of the academic year. See / graphic design / # third-year3560-0c1416a8-61ba "> - third-year3560-0c1416a8-61ba

Marbella Design Academy offers an excellent academic and technical development Graphic Design program taught in a friendly atmosphere by professional and in wonderful surroundings.

Marbella Design Academy makes a great deal for her students. On the other hand, it is expected of you that you work hard with passion, concentration and focus of your goal to educate you to a professional Graphic Designer.

You can apply for admission to the Graphic Design program at Marbella Design Academy from this link:

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