Barber & Hair Stylist

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City Denmark
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Barber & Hair Stylist

Training of Hairdressers and Hair Stylist at Hair Academy is a 13 months guarantee you a professional high competence. The reason why training is so short compared to the 4-year-old hairdresser training, due to Danish, mathematics and other subjects are cut from the program, leaving only focus on hair styling and cut. Thus keeps you focused on what you will prepare you inside.

You will be introduced to the latest techniques in cut, color and permanent, so that you as a graduate has the best ballast and experience with you. The vast majority of your teaching will take place in the salon, where you can test your skills and theory of the right customers and models. You achieve simultaneously to meet customers much faster in your training than other training - the advantage is that you already during the training can start building your clientele. Teachers at Hair Academy are all skilled and has over 20 years experience in the hairdressing industry - they will arrange for a thorough and 100% professional training.

You do not wait to apply as training will hold recording conversations every day. However, you must have saved a little money up before you start, because training costs 65,000 kr. The amount is inclusive toolbox and training materials.

The program is made up of 4 modules. The first module lasts for 4 weeks and begins with the most basic cutting techniques, coloring techniques and more, both in men's and women clip.

The second module takes place in the salon, where you can try their hand with the cut, color and styling of customers. Additionally, you will be taught in sales psychology and the theories about permanent and color.

Third module continues in the school salon with a qualification of it as you learned in another module. In addition, you learn to work with gallahår.

The fourth module takes to prepare for the exam in addition to their daily work.

Once you have passed the exam, you are qualified as a hair stylist and hairdresser.

Job Opportunities

Hairdresser. Stylist.