Norden Youth Association

FNU Denmark is a nationwide network for young people with an interest in the Nordic region, Nordic Cooperation and linguistic and cultural understanding across borders.

Norden Youth Association - FNU aims to promote Nordic culture in Denmark. We want to draw attention to the many fun similarities, but also the great differences that exist between countries. We do this by offering our members a wide range of Nordic cultural offerings. Furthermore, we do what we can to spread our messages to so many young Danes as possible. We make Nordic workshops, lectures and collaborate with other Nordic organizations and projects that can help to strengthen the Nordic network and the interest in the Nordic region in Denmark. An annual membership in the association costs 85 kr. And 150 kr. For couple membership. For this price, the members offer of activities, travel, the joint Nordic leaf GORM, the member magazine Balder and more. Members are primarily be between 18-30 years, but it is allowed to be a member, even if you are younger or older.

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Norden Youth Association