Fix your car yourself and save a lot of money

Fix your car yourself and save a lot of money



More and more young people have their own car, and an SU or apprentice salary is no longer an obstacle to becoming a car owner. Once, the bicycle and public transport were the students' preferred means of transport, but in recent years more and more young people under 25 have invested in a new car. This is partly due to the fact that the majority of all Danish families have at least one car in the household, and for many it is difficult to imagine a life without a car. We have simply become so used to having a car available all the time that it is difficult to get used to this habit when moving from home.


But being a car owner can be an expensive affair - especially as a student! Money must be spent on both insurance, car loans , tire change, vision, excise tax, unforeseen repairs and workshop visits. Many of the expenses are necessary if you are to be a car owner in Denmark, but the minor repairs are something you can save a lot of money by doing yourself.

You do not need to be mechanic trained to fix the minor repairs yourself, you just need to have a little control over cars and engines, be firm with your hands and have technical understanding. Of course, not all tasks can be done by yourself, so you probably do not avoid a visit to the garage every now and then, for a professional mechanic can not do without. But many of the smaller tasks on your car can be done by yourself. For example, you can change winter and summer tires yourself, and there are many other small tasks on the car that do not require statutory mechanic work.


Of course, if you go ahead and carry out the repairs on your car yourself, you will need the correct parts and tools, but luckily you can. In many places on the web you can find all the necessary DIY repair equipment at reasonable prices. Make sure the equipment you buy is approved and fits your particular car. Once you've got the right equipment, be sure to do the job properly. It is important that your work is performed flawlessly, because it can of course be very dangerous and have fatal consequences for your driving if the work is not done properly. Fortunately, there are a host of different guides on YouTube that can help you get the car repair done right.

There are many laws and regulations that you as a car owner must follow, and it can be difficult to figure out how to do it correctly. Ask your local mechanic or browse the web to find out what car repairs you need to do yourself.