Fighter Controller in Air Force (Karup)

City Student Scholarships Category Duration Admission Requirements Education Institution
Aarhus Lønnet praktik Danish Military Educations 1 year Folkeskole Defence command
City Aarhus
Student Scholarships Lønnet praktik
Category Danish Military Educations
Duration 1 year
Admission Requirements Folkeskole
Education Institution Defence command
Fighter Controller in Air Force (Karup)

If you educate yourself to Fighter Controller in the Air Force, you serve as the pilot's man on the ground, from which all aircraft operations are controlled.

The job as Fighter Controller in Air Force is very challenging both professionally and personally, since you need to help make decisions quickly that the pilot must act.

Fighter Controller helps the pilot to give him the tactical picture around his plane and support different kinds of air operations.

It's a bit like a computer game where you can see on a screen where the pilot is, and you know his mission, so you know where he must fly over. You can also see any enemies on the radar, so you can guide him after the goal. As a pilot, it may be difficult to see immediately from the air as you can see. Besides covering the plane's radar only a smaller area than you can see from the ground with your radar. It works like this seen much as a navigator in a rally car, so it is important that there is a good understanding between Fighter controller and pilot.

You might be just as stressful as the pilot, but often it is important to act quickly and keep a cool head. Then you must then see if it was the right decision. The most important thing is just to get the pilot safely on the wings and safely down again.

When you communicate with the pilot takes it in English. Fighter controllers used both for training flights, but also during real operations in the countries we participate actively with our Air Force in.

Training of Fighter Controller in Air Force starts with a one-week internship at an airfield in Karup, where you get an insight into working practices and the use of the equipment one Fighter Controller in Air Force uses.

After the internship start a theoretical course in warning system knowledge, radar theory, provisions for flight, practical training and the like. Then, the theory put into practice regularly at the air base.

Job Opportunities

Fighter Controller in Air Force

Special admission requirements

10th grade, 2-day entrance exam, physical tests, written tests, personal assessment tests in simultaneous capacity and sense of space and a number of examinations.

Application deadlines

Please see: Defence education website