City Student Scholarships Category Duration Admission Requirements Education Institution
Copenhagen Ingen SU eller løn Healthcare 3 year Gymnasiel Pharmakon
City Copenhagen
Student Scholarships Ingen SU eller løn
Category Healthcare
Duration 3 year
Admission Requirements Gymnasiel
Education Institution Pharmakon

Pharmaconomists is an exciting education with science (medical and pharmaceutical), humanities, social pharmaceutical and organizational and managerial occupations where you are going to engage in counseling in health, disease prevention and treatment. There are some interdisciplinary teaching of the theory easily attached to the practical problems of everyday life. You will also work with advice and guidance on the use of drugs, drug related products and self-care.


If you choose to train you to pharmaconomist, so the program is prescribed for three years. The teaching is a combination of courses, respectively, at the school, Pharmakon, and an internship. During your training to pharmaconomist will get thorough training in the diseases that characterize our society - as well as the drugs that have a curative effect on various diseases. To get a complete understanding of the drugs used and sold in pharmacies, you also learn how products are manufactured and fabricated. Beside the teaching of science in diseases and drugs, you will also be taught how to serve and advise customers.

The program's structure

Training of pharmaconomist is structured so you have a total 23 course weeks at Pharmakon during the three years of the program. A large part of your training will be conducted in your internship, there will always be at a pharmacy. You are employed in a pharmacy and is then automatically assigned Pharmakon and thus the training for pharmacy assistant. The training at the pharmacy consists of learning in the daily work and activities at study days as well as guidance and coaching. The theoretical part of the training followed by five disciplines are:

Medical-pharmaceutical subjects

Anatomy and Physiology, Pathology, General Pharmacology, Special Pharmacology, Pharmacy.

Society of Pharmaceutical subjects

Medical Sociology, Legal comprehension, Health, Clinical pharmacy, health promotion and disease prevention.


Psychology, Ethics, Communication, Education, Communication.

Organization and Management

Organisation, Management and cooperation, Marketing and Sales, Logistics, Safety, Quality management.


Scientific methods.

Job Opportunities

A pharmaconomist are mainly employed in pharmacies and hospital pharmacies, but some candidates will also make a career in the private sector as f. Ex advisor or consultant in the pharmaceutical industry.


An advantageous aspect of pharmaconomists is that you receive a salary during the training. The training for pharmacy assistant takes three years and the first year you will receive approximately 11 739 kr. A month. The third year of training increases your monthly salary to about 13,382 kr. While you follow the theory courses at the educational institution Pharmakon in Hillerød you can free to stay and eat at the school.

admission Requirements

* Secondary education: High school, HF, HHX, HTX, etc.. * Foreign exams, equivalent to Danish upper secondary exam * Secondary bridging courses for foreign language (GIF) * social and health care assistant training with Danish C, C Chemistry, Biology C, C Mathematics and English D.


Job Opportunities

Pharmaconomist. Employed by a public or private pharmacy. Adviser or consultant in the pharmaceutical industry.

Special admission requirements

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Application deadlines

You must before 1 May find you a training room at a pharmacy. You can do this in two ways. First, you can apply directly to the pharmacy (which Pharmakon recommend), and you can search through the coordinated enrollment system (KOT).