Pharmakon is an educational institution in Hillerod which educates pharmaconomists career in pharmacies and the pharmaceutical industry. Pharmakon supplements these programs with appropriate training and specialist courses.

As the only educational institution in Denmark Pharmakon competence to educate farmakononer. Read more about pharmaconomists


Training of pharmaconomist's 3-year and takes place partly in a pharmacy, partly Pharmakon. There are 23 course weeks of Pharmacy during the 3 years, divided into seven courses of 3 weeks and a course of 2 weeks. During the training you need to acquire professional skills to work as a pharmacy assistant at a private pharmacy and hospital pharmacy and develop your interpersonal skills and the ability to develop the profession.

Main Activities

Pharmakon primary mission is to disseminate knowledge about pharmaceutical practice. It happens through education and, increasingly, through research and consultancy work.

Training activities include training of pharmacy technicians and training of employees in pharmacies and pharmaceutical industry both in Denmark and abroad. The programs supported and complemented by, among other e-learning programs, textbooks, research and consultancy.

Cooperation with Danish and international authorities and organizations, including WHO and FIP, is a high priority.

Pharmakon is the WHO Collaborating Centre for Drug Policy and Pharmacy Practice Development. It involves organizing a number of conferences and seminars and the dissemination of pharmaceutical assistance to the WHO projects.


Milnersvej 42
3400 Hillerød

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Telefon: 48 20 60 00




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