Get music from such. TDC Play on your MP3 player

Get music from such. TDC Play on your MP3 player

Are you one of the many students who take advantage of such. TDC Play or iTunes to download digital music from?

So now have probably noticed that it is not possible to take advantage of this music on a regular MP3 player. This is obviously not fun to discover when you first bought 10 albums on iTunes or downloaded the entire CD collection on TDC Play.

But do not despair! have the solution for you. The solution is called Sound Taxi is a small program that makes it possible to use the music you have purchased and downloaded online at virtually any type of mobile music players.

In practical terms, it is a kind of copy protection called DRM, which Soundaxi remove from your music files. And so long as you take advantage of the music itself and do not give it to others, then it is perfectly legal.

We have the been allowed to bring the following information about Sound Taxi: Sound Taxi easily remove DRM protection from music, for example. taken from TDC Play and convert music files to your liking. SoundTaxi converts different music files to MP3, CD, iPod and other formats with 13x playback speed and CD quality. SoundTaxi is easy to install and also easy to use with a very handy interface. You can choose the compression level and it preserves ID3 tags for example. artist, album, title and name.

You can download Sound Taxi on by clicking here . Sound Taxi is free to try but costs a modest $ 19.00 if you want to use it fully. Enjoy!