Dorte E. Coiffure

Dorte E. Coiffure

In the southern part of Odense, specifically Højby, you'll find Dorte E. Coiffure, a professional hair salon where they offer you beauty treatments at affordable rates. The salon is comfortably furnished, and you feel immediately comfortable and welcome. You will be received by the salon's owner Dorte, who along with her four talented employees, all love to make your visit a great experience. Creativity is at the top, so whether you need a new haircut and style, or if you simply must have trimmed tresses, Dorte E. Coiffure is the obvious choice.

In the salon you will find no less than four hairdressers, which are ready with their scissors and good humor. The team includes Amy that is the owner of the salon, which she has had for more than ten years. Dorte is also a trained make-up artist, so you can be quite sure that nothing is left to chance. You find with Dorte E. Coiffure also smiling and competent hairdressers Lea, Sofie and Dorthe and student Sarah, who is also trained make-up artist. All part of a good and close cooperation, and each have their skills.

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The staff are very devoted to the latest trends in beauty, hair and makeup, and stay up to date on various courses, so the newest techniques can be used. You are always assured based guide to keeping your new healthy lures touch and their products from American Crew, Tigi and Orofluido, to mutually determine what is the right thing for you and your hair. At Dorte E. Coiffure, it is important to protect the environment and not burden the hair unnecessarily, thus all their colors "green", and thus you are assured that they will not do harm to you or the wild!'ve only heard good things about Dorte E. Coiffure! Prices are very student-friendly, especially taken the high level into account. In addition to good prices and treatments, you feel immediately comfortable in the salon, and you go as a customer always there with a smile. The sweet hairdressers are always ready with advice and guidance, and you have a not binding, feel free to stop by the salon in Højby. gives Dorte E. Coiffure our warmest recommendations!

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Højbyvej 44
5260 Odense S

Contact info

Telefon: 6592 0202


Opening Hours

Mandag   Lukket        
Tirsdag    09:00-17:30
Onsdag    07:00-17:30
Torsdag   10:00-19:00
Fredag     09:00-17:30
Lørdag     08:00-


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Dorte E. Coiffure
Dorte E. Coiffure
Dorte E. Coiffure