Dixio - Free encyclopedia / dictionary

Dixio - Free encyclopedia / dictionary

Studenterguiden.dk'd love to introduce you to the free program Dixio Desktop , which we believe all students will benefit not only in their studies and studies, but also in the everyday life and future.

Study program is irrelevant, since the program covers everything. Dixio DESKTOP is an encyclopedia / dictionary or rather several encyclopedias / dictionaries, as anyone with an interest in language should have. It happens often in the studies, but also in everyday life that we encounter foreign words, technical terms, abbreviations, and other incomprehensible or words / phrases that you would like to know more about when you're online. With Dixio it's easy, you need not even leave the web page you are on, you just keep the windows key and left-clicking on the word with the mouse, then pops a Dixio window with definitions / explanations.

Windows key Dixio DESKTOP contains more than 95 dictionaries (Oxford, Wikipedia, Websters, Wordnet, Thesaurus, Semantix Bilingual, etc.) And more than 23 million words at your disposal. It has Wikipedia, visual content by theme - medicine, law, sports, IT and so on. If you click eg. the word "candy", you get the definition from the Concise Oxford English Dictionary and Wordnet, photos of Semantic Visual Dictionary, translation into Spanish (language, you select between English, Spanish, French, Italian, German or Portuguese) and a summation from Wikipedia. You can not just find a few words you can also find phrases, kompositums (compound words), idioms (phrases), plural (plural) and the conjugation of verbs (verb). Dixio DESKTOP can be almost anything within semantics why we highly recommend it to our users. Dixio DESKTOP available in different versions, see what they can here .

Download of Dixio

You can download applications and games from dlc.dk (downloadcentral.dk), which is our partner and a website that contains about 5,000 applications both free and purchase programs in all areas: Business, Security, Apple, Internet, tweaks, entertainment, multimedia mm all with div. sub-categories and about 5,000 games of all kinds (full game, free games, demos, etc.). Download Dixio DESKTOP for Windows here. And if you have Mac here. Student Guide wish you a good year of study with the help of Dixio DESKTOP.