Health Sciences

Health Sciences

This institution can be trained as a doctor, dentist, human biology, and achieve a master's degree in public health, etc.

Core tasks, organization and strategy

Health Sciences creates new knowledge and awareness through the core tasks of research , teaching , knowledge sharing and dissemination .

HEALTHY involves the disciplines of biomedicine, clinical medicine, dentistry, forensic medicine and public health and is among the largest health science faculties in Northern Europe.

With basic research from molecule to society, contributing faculty for the future health of candidates, research and inventions for the benefit of patients and society.

See the presentation film with the Faculty of Medicine.


The faculty organization is made up of seven pre-clinical departments and five clinical departments , which is the setting for the faculty's research and providing training to the faculty twelve education . There are also Department of Experimental Medicine , which houses the Faculty expensive experimental activities.


Faculty fællesadministriation consists of a faculty secretariat in charge of study and PhD administration, economics, VIP recruitment, IT and communications and an operations department , responsible for operation and maintenance of buildings and infrastructure and working environment and waste management.


HEALTHY included in the university's North Campus and consists of four buildings : Panum Institute (see overview map ) Teilum building, Centre for Health and Society and the Medical Museion .

Renovation and construction for billions

While extensive renovation of the existing buildings Panum and Teilum going preparations for the construction of Panum New Laboratory Building , which will start in 2012 and expected to be ready for use in 2014.


The faculty's management consists of

  • Dean Ulla Wewer
  • Associate Dean for Research Birthe Høgh
  • Vice dean for education Hans Henrik Saxild
  • Clinical Associate Dean for Zealand Karsten Bech
  • Faculty Director Arnold Boon

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- The quality of research is the faculty strength

The faculty's academic breadth and scientific strength to be used for the benefit of the research-based programs. The main technical challenges scientists' increasing involvement in interdisciplinary teams, recruiting and retaining the most talented, investment in new technology, quality of education, increased international visibility, international benchmarking, focus on innovation, the development of a valid and effective information strategy and not least the best use of the faculty's academic scope and potential.


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