Therefore we celebrate St. His

Therefore we celebrate St. His

In Aalborg there are many places you can help celebrate St. His singing Midsummer song. But you know why we celebrate St. Hans and you know who wrote the midsummer song?

We save you just a Google search on the last by making the answer here:

No, it is not Shubidua. They may well have made the song popular, but it's Holger Drachmann who wrote the text and PE Lange-Müller is responsible for the song (the original from 1885)

As it says in the text, then it is a tradition that is as old as the Christmas if not older. The song includes the atmosphere of midsummer in a beautiful song of joy. It describes how it was supposed to fire at that time was to keep evil from life as witches fled. Therefore, we have decided to stick with placing a witch in the top of the fire as a symbol for this.

It is said that witches fly to Brocken and gather on this day, but according to the original legend was the evening before May 1 that witches flew away. Here was also burned bonfires of. This night will be called Walpurgis night, and it is still celebrated in Sweden and Germany. Here in Denmark, we have a good tendency to mix cultures and fit it in there where we think it should. Therefore, we mixed midsummer party from the old Vikings with båltændingen from Valborg evening and put them at the John the Baptist's birthday (he's six months older than Jesus), which is why we call it St. His.

If you're the type who think a fire is one of the friendliest found and a kæmpebål just extra cozy, you can find a list of where you can celebrate Midsummer night here and here.

Choose a place on the list where you can warm up and meet with friends and strangers for sing and cosiness. It is also one of those days where student hats are out and be aired. It's possible it's cosiness and warmth of the fire, making it, but romance blossoms and there are extra many cupids in the air such an evening as St. Hans.

Skt. Valentin is very jealous of such a day as this that celebrates summer long, light nights.

Oration is just as steeped in tradition as the Queen New Year speech. In many places they also make small hyggebål that kids can roast bread on a stick over. So why not pack a little lunch and some blankets and go out and enjoy the locals' company. Maybe you'll meet someone you know.

If you can not remember the text of the Midsummer ballad, but would like to sing along to it, then find both versions of Skt. His melody here.