Technical University of Denmark - Denmark (DTU)

Technical University of Denmark - Denmark (DTU)

At DTU, you can find a wide range of engineering disciplines, and programs offered at the undergraduate, master's and doctoral level.

DTU has enrolled about 6000 students all study subjects in biotechnology and food technology, energy and environmental technologies, IT and communication technology, materials and nanotechnology, city and building technology, as well as other exciting engineering professional areas.

Studying at DTU is to be with where the latest technological advances taking place. The studios all have a strong focus on technology, innovation and interaction between individuals and society in this process.

You are a civil engineer by first implementing a three-year bachelor degree in technical sciences and then a two-year master's degree (MSc.).

about DTU

DTU is an independent university with education, research, public sector consultancy and innovation.

The university's main tasks performed by currently 18 institutions and a national laboratory on campus in Lyngby, north of Copenhagen, but also in several other locations in Copenhagen and on Zealand and Jutland. University owns extensive costly experimental facilities, including an ocean-going research vessel, as well as state-of-the-art infrastructure in areas such cleanroom and nano copy.

The university has about 4500 employees, more than half are researchers, including 1,050 doctoral students, in addition good 6500 undergraduate and graduate students. Are recorded almost 850 international students a year on English-language programs. Moreover, we offer a multifaceted training program.

The University has contributed to the establishment of a number of alliances among leading technical universities. At the European level DTU together with TU Munich and TU Eindhoven in the "European University Alliance in Science and Technology" and in the Nordic countries included DTU in "Nordic 5 Tech". Finally, DTU partner university with Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in its extensive exchange program "REACH" and has a strategic study exchange agreement with KAIST in South Korea.

University education offering covers most engineering disciplines at undergraduate, graduate and doctoral level.

With extensive research in the field of classical engineering disciplines and new particularly promising fields of research, ensures DTU a high international level in the field of science and engineering. It is DTU's continued goal to be among the top 10 technical universities in Europe. Several independent international rankings support that the university has this position.

The university's research consultancy services include advising ministries and agencies, Danish and international organizations, collection and analysis of data, diagnostic specialist analysis and a variety of features related to the veterinary Disease Control.

DTU's innovation system extends from research and education, patenting, licensing, industrial cooperation and science activities.


Anker Engelundsvej 1
Bygning 101A
2800 Kgs. Lyngby

Contact info

Telefon: 4525 2525


Opening Hours

Hverdage kl. 08.00–17.00
Fredag kl. 08.00–16.00

Glasdøren låses kl. 18.00


Master of Science in Environmental Engineering

Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering

Information and Communication Technology



Medicine and Technology


Process Analytical Technology

Access course to engineering

Civil Engineering

Design and Innovation

Electrical Engineering



Technical University of Denmark - Denmark (DTU)
Technical University of Denmark - Denmark (DTU)
Technical University of Denmark - Denmark (DTU)
Technical University of Denmark - Denmark (DTU)