Corpus Care Clinic

Corpus Care Clinic

At Corpus Care Clinic has always put plenty of time for treatment so you can feel relaxed and enjoy a relaxing treatment on the couch. Here is a cozy atmosphere, you will be treated professionally, taken seriously and listened to. Here it is you who are the focus throughout treatment.

The clinic values based on a combination of human understanding and empathy, as well as a high professional level. Corpus Care Clinic provides quality care with a focus on your particular situation and needs. All therapists at Corpus Care Clinic sworn to secrecy.

The clinic complies with the rules of good clinical practice and ethical guidelines and aims trusting relationship between patient and therapist. All therapists at Corpus Care Clinic, continuously update their professional knowledge and thus, you are assured of the best possible treatment - every time.

The owner of Corpus Care Clinic Farida Strandberg has a degree in nursing in 1990 and has worked respectively at OUH, home care, nursing homes and mental health services. Farida is also trained and certified FDZ reflexologist, masseur, chiropodist and classical Chinese acupuncturist. In addition to her you will find in the clinic:

Lise: she stands for foot treatment - both outside and in the clinic.
Hanne: She is a trained masseuse.
Karina: She is detained, either voluntarily Cosmetology and is a specialist in Decleor ansigsbehandling, gel nails and hair removal.
Mie: Stands with Lise for foot treatment - both outside and in the clinic

Corpus Care Clinic offers a host of different treatments and there will always be one that meets your needs. Here is an excerpt of the many luxurious treatments you can get:

hotstone massage
Facial Treatments
Hair Removal
Foot treatment
Ultra Tone (Slimming Treatment)
Trio Lipo (ultrasound, muscle stimulation and detoxification)

You can book an appointment via "appointment / information" or you can visit Corpus Care Clinic's website, and get more information about the many bargains.

You also have the opportunity to give a gift card to someone you care about - a treatment in Corpus Care Clinic will surely be well received. highly recommend a treatment at Corpus Care Clinic. Nice decor, friendly staff and a variety of treatments means that you will always find the treatment that suits just you.


Jernbanegade 4 1.TH
5000 Odense C

Contact info

Telefon: 51 20 02 45


Opening Hours

Mandag:  08.30 - 19.00

Tirsdag:   Lukket (dog mulighed tidsbestilling via telefon)

Onsdag:  08.00 - 19.00

Torsdag:  08.30 - 16.30

Fredag:    08.30 - 19.00



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Corpus Care Clinic
Corpus Care Clinic
Corpus Care Clinic
Corpus Care Clinic