As a rather new to the family, from 2010, is Copenhell blown up from the first time it came into being. Never have we seen so many metal freaks in the same place as here in Denmark. And it is not only the Danes who come to the festival. It's people from around the world that celebrates metal music are often overlooked at other festivals or did not come into its own when a festival plays a variety of genres.

Geography and transport

Rumbling drums and thumping bass roars from Refshaleøen where the festival is held. Copenhell is a city festival, which is the most centrally placed festival in a big city in Europe. It takes no time to get to the festival from Copenhagen center whether you are on foot or by bike. This also makes it the perfect place to hold a festival.

The raw and rustic B & W building, once used as shipyard stands well to the heavy metal music. As an island of screeching sirens, one can see and hear the festival from behind Langelinie The Little Mermaid.

Not far away is Christiania and buzzing like a small bee south of the beautiful flower that grows on the tip of Amagerøen. Or is it vice versa?

The festival takes place over three days and there is full force at all three scenes all the time.

Accommodation options:

If you prefer to stay close to the festival you have the opportunity to stay in a tent on the campsite on Refshaleøen. There are several types of tents to choose from. Of course you can take your own tent and look it up on the square. You get only 2,5x2,5 meters per second. camping ticket, so if your tent is larger than that, you need more tickets. If you do not bother to stand and pack a tent out and look it up, but want to stay close to the square anyway, so there is already erected tents at the campsite, which you can rent. There is only room for two people in each tent and I just remember sleeping bag. When the festival is over you must take the tent home. It is bought and paid for via your ticket.

For the slightly more comfortable types is tent-houses, a sponsored tent with a fixed base and a real bed! It is probably more popular if you get a metal-chick on the hook than to sleep in the soft overthrow tents.

It is almost a first-class hotel room, as there is both the opportunity to charge your phone, hang your clothes up on the hooks and get the best view of the harbor and Amalienborg. All you need to bring is sheets, duvets and pillows.

The raw and rustic metal types may prefer to sleep in a minivan camper. Also it is possible. So you do not leave the island to find home in bed if you just booked a space at the campsite. To get to and from the campsite you can even sail over the harbor bus!

There is also the opportunity to get in the shower or sauna session, if it's something you think you need the summer.

If you're not early enough out to get a place on the campsite, so you can always rent a room at one of the many hotels in Copenhagen.

People with disabilities and children

Music has many colors and many types of fans. Some are also disabled, and of course they must not miss the music they love most. Wheelchair users can bring a companion as long as this can present a membership certificate from the Danish Disability Organisations User Service. There are gravel stones at the main entrance, so you must enter at the west entrance to avoid this. Copenhell working in cooperation with wheelchair users to test field days in advance to ensure that all facilities are easily accessible.

Music Taste has no age, so of course it must be possible to take his little kid or daughter so they can be opened in the metal universe. Children under 12 are admitted free when accompanied by an adult. Each adult can accompany two children under 12 free. It is recommended that children do not walk on the festival grounds after dinner time.

Food and drinks

It is not allowed to take his own grill with whether it's coal, gas or something else. There is plenty of food and beverages you can buy at the festival site at quite fair prices. However, it is allowed to take your home brought food anddrinks in the camping.

Smash Land and Biergarten:

Besides the three music stages, there is the opportunity to give vent to his pent-up anger in Smash Land! As another Viking or hammer-wielding dwarf Do you smash everything that is possible in this Slaraffenland for disposal. Swing the hammer as the old metal workers made it and smash a car beyond recognition.

When you're tired of the arms can swing the head rather than in the Biergarten. Beer garden is the large beer tent in which karaoke metal and communal flows out from. You can choose to swing your head back to drain a mug of beer and wipe the sweat from the Danish summer or you can swing the head in time with the music and head banging up for prizes. A place in Asgard sits the old gods and look enviously down at Biergarten in the middle of Denmark's wildest metal festival: Copenhell.

5 tips

- As the popular festival Copenhell has been with the many metal fans who flock in from near and far, so it's a good idea to stay ahead and buy the ticket in advance. (Also at the campsite if you can not be banished out of a limbo to find your bed at too sacred hotel!)

- If you like the ancient gods consume large amounts of alcohol, so it's a terribly good idea to remember to pour a little water on the body (inboard) as the BAC level is not too high and you do not know when your favorite band is playing.

- When you headbanger or joiner one moshpit, so be aware of others around you. There is nothing as annoying as getting nastily because headbanging nobody was uncoordinated. If someone falls in mosh'en, then make space and help them up again.

- Take care of your stuff! When you headbanger or throws you around the amount of people you can easily lose glasses, purse or mobile, so have it in a safe place so you do not have to spend money to repair the screen afterwards. And use contact lenses. It's so much cooler to see the band you have come to see. If you lose something you might find it again at the lost property office Copenhell.

- Remember earplugs! It may well be that you love to listen to music out smash, but you also have a life after Copenhell and it can be quite good to hear. You will not miss anything with earplugs in. You still feel the music pumping and vibrate in your body you.

Names of the festival:

Copenhell has annually had good success in obtaining the best names for the festival. Among some of the major include: Black Sabbath, Megadeth, Gojira, Iron Maiden, Kvelertak, Anthrax, Meshuggah and Red Warsaw.

There's great action from start to finish, so if you have sensitive ears is the Opera House just across the other side of the strait.

To become a volunteer at Copenhell

Like many other festivals can Copenhell not run around without volunteers. You can sign up via their facebook page here or you can search for an internship. It is particularly scene builders are required when Copenhell has a special image that is reflected in, inter alia, the decoration of the scenes. But there is a need for all kinds of volunteers: guards, supervised toilets, setting up tents, signs and fences, cleaning, food and drink stalls and of course all the coordination work behind, and transport of equipment out to the B & W shipyard.

Copenhell also need volunteers lifeguards to keep an eye on those who take a dip in the hot summer sun.

The best thing about being a volunteer in addition to get free of the festival is to help to build it all up and see the result that pleased so many people. You get a good feeling in your stomach when you know you look so many people having a party. Also as a volunteer has been a party together. There are many ghosts, but the new find is also rapidly change.


Udovthe volunteers are professional guards on the entire festival site. They are not there for fun, but to ensure that the festival runs safely and smoothly. Everyone should of course take care of each other, metal fans also are very known to do. If someone feels uncomfortable, give space and help them away from the crowd.

There are Samaritans around the clock in the square, which can help all who need it, from dehydration to head injuries or flat feet.

You may not use professional equipment to record sound and images, but you may use your phone. It is possible to withdraw money at the site, but it is an advantage to bring cash home. Do not bring your own chair or pavilion at the campsite as there is no room for this. In return, you may have a flagpole with, where you can put your own flag, so you can easily find your tent. The flagstick may not be allowed on the festival site itself.

Weapons and umbrellas are also banned on Copenhell. You can be a hardcore and see hardcore out without wearing weapons. Cartridge Belts are allowed, however, only they do not contain live ammunition. Speaking of hardcore, it's pretty flimsy to stand with an umbrella at a metal festival. Let the rain running in torrents down over your face and tramp the mud up to your knees, if it's bad weather. The music's gonna get you to think about something else. And if the sun is shining, so enjoy it. Summer is short in Denmark.