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Are you seeking housing in Copenhagen? So you can find student residence in Copenhagen here - we have listed rental housing , cooperative housing , as parents , student housing, student housing, dormitories, apartments from both public and private landlords.

Many students and prospective students considering initially colleges, or an apartment which may be shared with one or more roommates. In these times one should also consider as parents, which is growing rapidly. Have your parents already a house with equity, or money in the account, so can a parent purchases be a very attractive solution for both you and your parents. Not only do you get student housing of very high quality, but your parents can also benefit from an often good investment.

Of course, as parents somewhat more cumbersome than other solutions and not possible for everyone. In these cases it is obvious to start with the many excellent colleges. Not only is it pretty straightforward, colleges are often also of fairly high quality in Copenhagen and rented at very favorable prices. The less positive as choosing a college as student housing is that they can be very difficult to get space - especially in Copenhagen and Aarhus. For virtually all of Denmark colleges here.

Are you a little more wealthy than the average you can find your own apartment. An apartment gives you complete freedom and are in most cases a very convenient solution. If you turn up with a roommate or two, then you can settle in enddog pretty luxurious apartments in most cities in Copenhagen. You will find plenty of rental apartments is over.

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Quiet and cozy roomie sought

Quiet and cozy roomie sought

If you are looking for accommodation...

Type of housing: Værelse

Price: 4250 kr

Size: 15 m²

Room: 1

Room for rent in Roskilde close to Risø and Roskilde University

Room for rent in Roskilde close to R...

My children and I need to move to a ...

Type of housing: Værelse

Price: 6000 kr

Size: 10 m²

Room: 1

12 m2 room for rent in Roskilde 2800, - kr.

12 m2 room for rent in Roskilde 2800...

Vacant room in Roskilde.

Type of housing: Værelse

Price: 2800 kr

Size: 12 m²

Room: 1

Dorms and Rental Proprietors

  • Trørød College

    Trørød College

    On Trørød College, built as townhouses, there are 96 similar apartments. The apartments are each 57 m2 and consists of a living room with kitchen, a bedroom, a chamber, a bathroom and an unheated attic. Pets are allowed. The College is reserved for couples and single parents. This means that in order to be considered for occupation must both be students or having children.

  • Tietgenkollegiet


    Tietgenkollegiet is a new and really nice residence buildings located close to Amagerfælledvej and Copenhagen University, the IT College and Danmarks Radio. Tietgenkollegiet is architect designed by the architectural firm Boje Lundgaard and Lene Tranberg in collaboration with landscape architect Marianne Levinsen and COWI. Tietgenkollegiet is in many ways incredibly smart located. There are approximately 5 minutes to a Metro station that can take you to Nørreport and Kongens Nytorv in minutes. You can also choose to commute to the center of…

  • May 4 College in Frederiksberg

    May 4 College in Frederiksberg

    May 4 The college has reserved 10 out of the 73 rooms for alumni of the University of Copenhagen. There are shared kitchen and bathroom on each time, so you share this with 8-13 other tenants. Want to search an apartment on May 4 College in Frederiksberg,…