From building and construction to noise analysis and working environment. Employees in Odense covers both wide and narrow skills. With a new spacious office in Odense, we have the optimal framework around the exciting projects we are working with the city.

The trend is strong in Denmark's third largest city. And our 120 employees are involved in many of the tasks that represent the future in Odense:

COWI is consultant on the comprehensive transformation of the Thomas B. Thrige Gade and give advice in relation to Odense Municipality's Transport Planning and Climate Plan.

New spacious office

In early December 2010, we moved to a new headquarters at Vestre Station Road. Here we have gathered all our employees and their many skills under one roof.

It provides the best conditions for knowledge sharing and collaboration across while social activities and initiatives have room to germinate and spurts both in terms of the opportunities in the new spacious office and near the city's leisure and cultural activities.

Seating for guests
At Odense Office has an active staff association, and the new headquarters opens up more and more after-work meetings, lectures and seminars that can delight and inspire customers and colleagues from all over Denmark.


Vestre Stationsvej 7
5000 Odense C

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Telefon: 56 40 00 00



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