Improve your English skrives

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City Copenhagen
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Improve your English skrives

What is good and proper English? Still states Dear Sirs, and must write ikke in an email? How do you describe a little more modern and informal - or really polite and elegant? You've probably also a discussion heard or used the argument Well, I think all this sounds more English to say so. The seminar aims to sharpen your language awareness and to give you some better arguments for what is right. The seminar is in English and requires that you have a good knowledge of English, but not necessarily a linguistic training.

Date: 9th-10th november 2015

Center for Leadership
Folke Bernadotte Allé 45
2100 Copenhagen, Copenhagen

Price: 7.495 kr. Excl. VAT Instructor: Jonathan Poole, language consultant.

English grammar and comma phrase

The course runs over two days is divided so that only focus on translations and the mistakes you can make when you have to translate something directly from English to Danish. Then looks at punctuation and special commas.

Oh, dem COMMAS! No, it's actually not very hard to put the comma in English - or to use some of the other characters: semicolon, dash, colon and apostrophe. The day ends with that you have to learn to create better links between sentences.

On day 2, you must have prepared a job from home, and here as discussed in the course the linguistic challenges that have been.

You also get refreshed a number of grammatical basic concepts for terminology in place and to get an overview of how sentences are related. Many of those funny expressions we Danes when we translate, met also for life.

Modern business communication

This afternoon's topic is modern business communication. You have gone through how to set up a modern business letter. We need to look at templates for such mail, agendas, minutes and reports. Then we work with to find the right level of Formality, ie how the same message may be formulated differently. We conclude with walking close to traditional grammar trouble spots.