Brande School

Brande School secures your future.

After Brande School, you're ready to pass your dreams education.

Brande University makes dyslexics' school hit "and bilingual, ready to study

At Brande School for vocational guidance, training in writing applications and going to job interview.

After high school you get proof of your stay and you get a personal opinion back home.

You are in focus!

Brønde Højskole wants to get ready for the future and focuses on being best dressed to take your dream education. Here is room for everyone. The school houses both 2-language, school-school, word-blind, socially challenged, etc. So if you have problems professionally or just do not want to go to school anymore, this is just the place for you. It's a matter of having a good weekday and finding out what your future will offer. To make the most of your stay, the school will make sure that you stay in touch so that there is a focus on your personal and professional progress. At Brande Højskole you get business guidance, get trained to write applications and go to a job interview. So if you're in need of "next step" help, try Brande High School. After the college you get proof of your stay and you will receive a personal opinion with your home. The school promises that there are no 2 days that are the same so you hopefully get an unforgettable stay, with a lot of good experiences


Herningvej 14
7330 Brande

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Tlf.: 9718 4545



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