Bean's Driving School

Bean's Driving School

Bean's Driving School is located in Odense SE, close to Tornbjerg Gymnasium, Bilka and university.

Køreskolen consists of smaller teams than in most other driving schools in the city, which is an advantage for you as a student, as there is more time for you and your needs. At the same time with enthusiastic and personal blackboard teaching, where there is room for humor without seriousness is lost in the process. The small team also means greater flexibility in the planning of driving lessons so that you can minimize your absence.

There are also great understanding that we are all different and therefore may need to look at the theory from a slightly different angle, in order to promote learning and understanding. All this creates the best conditions to pass the tests on the first attempt. In 2013 and 2014, all but a handful of students passed a theory test on the first try!

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At Bean's Driving School you will always be greeted with a smile and good humor, and you'll quickly discover that you are in safe hands with driving instructor Morten. It is important for Bean's Driving School you during and after the entire teaching process feel that it has been a good learning experience to take the license. Morten holds a great calm and patience, which in itself hectic traffic situations is contagious and helps to create the conditions for learning to maintain calm overview in stressful situations.

Driving instructor Morten Prayer Land says: "It is important for me that I show the way to good and constructive drive by showing calm and patience in the car with the student, and to provide the necessary security for the student in order to focus on keeping the overview and make the right choices. By creating a good atmosphere in the car, we create together the best conditions for good driving - and so glad the student to resent having to sit behind the wheel the next time we meet. "

Bean's Driving School places special emphasis on elements like security, attention, and constructive behavior, so that you ultimately are confronted not only with a driver's license in hand, but also possess the understanding and skills to embark on the road as a safe and responsible driver. This starts in the classroom with a good and solid education that all along supported by practicing the good qualities in your car in traffic when driving instructor puts extra focus on the challenges that poses the individual student problems.

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Moreover, you will find that you have one and the same instructor throughout the process, from initial theory tonight for the license in hand. Morten is responsible for teaching in the classroom, in the car, maneuvering the track and on road safety center. "It means a lot to me that I am with my students from start to finish. It gives me a better understanding of the individual student's needs, as it provides all students a coherent and credible education all the way. "

At Bean's Driving School rewarded as a student also for the extra strong effort; comprises your theory test with 0 or 1 error in the first attempt, the driving school an extra free run time! has a very positive view of Prayer Country Driving School. Morten has an extremely professional approach to things, without it becoming boring. Morten undoubtedly goes the extra mil for you as a student of him in the best position for the pass first time! A warm recommendation from here.

Student Discounts

Joins you and a friend (or several) to a team at the same time, you each 600, - in private discount on the license. It is possible to buy gift certificates for the driving school. Redeeming gift card triggers an extra free run time.

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Nøglens Kvarter 201
5220 Odense SØ

Contact info

Telefon: 3026 2469


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Bean's Driving School
Bean's Driving School
Bean's Driving School
Bean's Driving School