Cheap online shopping at

Cheap online shopping at

When the SU does not extend to purchases in favorite shops in Aarhus, Odense and Copenhagen. Or when exam pressure occupy all daylight hours, and a trip into the real world looks like an unattainable dream. And when shopping cravings so constantly pressing.

In these situations, online shopping is the answer. It can be done without leaving your computer for a moment. While it is always possible to find sales, coupons and great savings online that can get SU to look like a millionløn.

Fashion Many students at heart. At the same time, the vast majority realize how easily a wobbly time in the many fashion boutiques can result in a glowing credit card. Fortunately, fashion and economic sense not necessarily two opposing poles.

A new shopping portal is the name of a new online shopping portal. A site where a large number of online fashion giants and selected niche boutiques are summarized. The aim is to make it as easy as possible to find great deals on clothes and shoes online.

It is a fact that online fashion stores today are in the thousands, and therefore it can be difficult to know where the best deals are. At the goal is to collect all the stores and thus become the natural starting place for anyone who will shop fashion online.

A goal as it requires the committee, the quality and usability of Something therefore has made much of the portal, which all helps to create the easy and straightforward shopping experience.

Efficient search options

In the pressed exam periods, online shopping is time saving. It should be the perfect break in the middle of the writing process. On is the thousands of items divided into logical categories that provide immediate clarity. Moreover, it helps the search options you limit the otherwise extensive range.

Maybe you break away from books and computer to search for a new pair of sneakers to the day where you again have time to move outside. Here's it easy for you:

Sorting options at the top lets you search by gender, size, color and brand name - for example, a pair of black lady Nike sneakers in size 39 - and in addition you can also browse the free shipping, free returns, price low to high, save the most and sales.

Within a few seconds the Committee on limited to just that, you must get hold of. If you choose free shipping and free return, there will be only shown sneakers from the stores that offer it. That way you are sure that there will be extra costs on top of the price of the shoes.

Great savings and obese deals

Dankort dying to be used, but SU does not extend beyond the dull liver pate sandwiches and the usual, old boots. The danger of moving down into town and suddenly have spent money on brunch, shopping and post-shopping coffee is highly present. Again, online shopping bailout.

On the Internet, not only sales twice a year. Actually, there are always plenty of deals on clothes and shoes that you can engage in. Furthermore stands discount codes and discount schemes in wait and tempts you to shop cheaply online. is of course no exception. The two filters Sale and save the most, shows all the products right now is savings. Not just clothes from previous seasons, but also what is right now at the height of fashion. "Spar most" is a coveted sorting option that makes it easy for you to shop cheaply.

A recommendation worthy

At Student Guide, we are pleased portals like Shopping portal makes purchasing easy and clear. And when the studio prevents all other joys that are usually part of student life - city tours, shopping, café socialize - so is online shopping light on a dull day in the company of books.

So you sit also with the prospect of a few incalculable months eksamensræs where time is money and get so give you the necessary shopping break. Right from the computer. Whether you are at home on the couch or in the reading room.