Avantgarde Coiffure

Avantgarde Coiffure

As you enter at Avantgarde Coiffure on Skibhusvej you in no doubt that it is you who is in the center.

The salon is a cozy trendy hairdresser where they see it as their task to guide their clients through the many options for hair. You can be sure that the salon is always in fashion and are ready to create the latest hairstyles for you if that's what you want.

They spend much time listening to your wishes, and together with the customer, they help assess the hair options to the final together to find the solution that best suits your looks and your temperament.

The salon is a nice trendy hairdresser where they see it as their task to guide their customers through the many options that are for the hair. You can be sure that those in the salon always take part in the fashion and that they are ready to make the latest hairstyles on you, if that's what you want. In addition to joining the latest trends, it is important at Avantgarde Coiffure to pass the best moody customer experience to anyone entering the salon.

At Avantgarde Coiffure, they only use the best products that help strengthen the hair. They make use of Schwarzkopf and Osis +, both of which are well-known and recognized hairdressing products. These products will help ensure that the new hairstyle lasts longer. They also negotiate these products so you can help keep your hair at home and maintain the delicious feeling you always have after visiting the hairdresser. In addition, you also have the opportunity to purchase both good-quality iron and high-quality dryers in the salon.

When you step into the salon, the staff finds out with you according to your wishes and their judgment of the options of your hair, the hairstyle that fits you exactly. So you can calm back in the mind and relax while you are getting a new haircut and good treatment. So whether you're looking for a hairdresser who can control your worn tips, give you a new hair color or just help give you a new look, Avantgarde Coiffure is the perfect place to turn. You can book time with them on their website or via their phone. You will find both information in the menu on the right, as well as their opening hours, which are also stated. Then, finally contact Avantgarde Coiffure and order a time to suit you. They are ready to receive you with good service and a delicious new haircut when you leave.


Skibhusvej 110
5000 Odense C.

Contact info

Telefon: 66 12 61 61

Opening Hours

Mandag: 9.00 - 17 30
Tirsdag: 9.00 - 17 30
Onsdag: 9.00 - 17 30
Torsdag: 9.00 - 17 30
Fredag: 9.00 - 19.00
Lørdag: 9.00 - 13.00
Søndag: Lukket


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Avantgarde Coiffure