General BSc (Economics)

City Student Scholarships Category Duration Admission Requirements Education Institution
Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense, Aalborg, Roskilde, Kolding SU berettiget Bachelors 3 year Gymnasiel University of Southern Denmark
Aalborg University
Aarhus university
Roskilde University (RUC)
University of Southern Denmark
University of Southern Denmark Kolding
Copenhagen Business School (CBS)
City Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense, Aalborg, Roskilde, Kolding
Student Scholarships SU berettiget
Category Bachelors
Duration 3 year
Admission Requirements Gymnasiel
Education Institution University of Southern Denmark
Aalborg University
Aarhus university
Roskilde University (RUC)
University of Southern Denmark
University of Southern Denmark Kolding
Copenhagen Business School (CBS)
General BSc (Economics)

BSc (Economics) is probably the most popular business administration training. As HA students get around in all different disciplines of business economics that are essential activities in all companies, both public and private. Bachelor degree in HA cover many exciting areas of organization, marketing to finance and statistics.

Within these disciplines will be taught in marketing and marketing, organization and management, accounting and finance, business economics and business law, as well as self-selected subjects at the end of the bachelor program.

All are valuable subjects that later can help students solve problems as production planning, product marketing, personnel management, accounting and more. On the 5th and 6th semester, the student has the opportunity to choose certain subjects to follow or go on study abroad. It is also possible to write his undergraduate project with a private or public company. You have good opportunities to influence the training, so you can put the focus where your interests are.

With a BSc. training you well equipped to handle many functions of a business, but most choose to study further on Cand.Merc. and specialize in a particular subject area. The advantage is that you can more easily get a job and simultaneously starting salary considerably greater if you bring skills in the form of a Cand.Merc. specialization.

HA at RU

HA RU is the classic business economic all-round training that occurs at other university, with the exception that teaching at RU is focused on problem-oriented project. On HA, you work with all the aspects and disciplines that are a natural part of any business, public or private. You learn about basic business economics, marketing, accounting, budgeting, finance, business law, marketing, management, Human Resource Management, statistics, business mathematics, strategy and many other interesting subjects. The whole essence of HA is that you learn how the company interact with society and the various stakeholders of importance to the company.

The essence of HA is that you look at the entire value creation process happens in a business - from idea to product occurs and the business foundation designed for the production and value flow and financing, marketing and the challenging sales process. There are a lot of interesting aspects of HA, especially if you like economics and management. Through HA study you will acquire valuable properties such as management, insight into economic conditions - you will see that stock prices, bonds, retirement plans, money matters understanding of tax suddenly makes much more sense, so you can use your knowledge of HA in your daily life.

study Form
As previously mentioned, the HA RU based on problem-oriented project. This means that you learn a wealth of theoretical methods should be used in specific projects. Here is the mantra that a theory can not stand alone, it must be tested and your task is to display it in projects and assignments. Here you will also learn project management, which are based on management, completion and evaluation of projects. The idea is that the project must reflect the company's reality as exact as possible - it can be in marketing, finance, product development, sales and all the other disciplines that are part of daily life. Students have a large degree of choice when it comes to selecting topics for projects. It gives a taste and is motivating for the work.

You can start the course after completing the Social Science Basic Studies .
To obtain a master's degree, you need to combine the HA with another program. Example, you can choose to combine the HA with the social science master's program in Virksomhedsledelse.

The study economics focuses on management, which is crucial in both private companies and public institutions. In economics, you will both gain insight into the economic and psychological aspects of leadership. It gives you a number of skills that can be used as you want to work in the private sector, the public sector or as a teacher in secondary school sector.

Among many economics known as "the soft economy education" because it contains less of the tough subjects like math and statistics, compared to the other economics courses. Instead, you get more insight into the organization, management, psychology, accounting, marketing, finance and cost theory. You will along the way learn to analyze management problems. These management problems could in practice shape up in low customer satisfaction or high absenteeism among employees.

The fact that you can analyze your way to these and fix them great value to businesses. You will also learn how companies and institutions will be affected by external factors like technology, economy and law. In the program, you will have to choose subsidiary subjects that have great influence on your further job opportunities.

In addition to the above general HA training, there are some lines you can choose HA (Int.) HA (jur.) Or BSc (IT), which we describe here below:

HA (IT.)

HA (IT.) Is a variation of the training HA , where in addition to selected subjects from education HA emphasis on information technology. This provides a unique ability to see the connection between business goals and the possibility of the use of information technology for this. The trend is that information technology is being used more and more, more and more places and training is therefore highly relevant.

IT should the companies not only used as a tool to create budgets and accounts with. It must be integrated into all company business and thereby help to create a strong and competitive organization. You will typically end up as a kind of bridge between the people in the company with business understanding and those with understanding within IT.

The disciplines you will have to study the BSc (IT) are as follows:
-INFORMATION And information systems
-IT In Business
-Systemarbejde And programming
Information systems and organization

During the training you get the opportunity to create your own profile through electives and bachelor project.

HA (jur.)

HA (jur.) Program includes many of the subjects that you meet on the regular HA training . In addition to these business economics courses, the emphasis is on business law on education.

With the business law courses, you learn things that today's businesses are looking for in order to manage the business internally and regulate business relations. Internally must take decisions as the legal form to be used, how the hiring and firing takes place, etc.

The external tasks for a typical HA (jur.) Could be related to marketing, product liability, contact with authorities such. SKAT and aspects of buying and selling goods.

HA (International Management)

BSc in International Management (HAIM) is an international studio for foreign as well as Danish students. All teaching is therefore in English. The program's primary goal is to give you the tools to find, understand, analyze and solve problems in the international business world. You will like f æ worthy student of BSc in International Management (HAIM) be able to work in multinational and international companies. Moreover, you can with a BSc in International Management (HAIM) take you a masters level either in Denmark or abroad.

It also focuses on your personal development program. This you must learn to communicate, debating, networking, demonstrate flexibility and self discipline, cooperation with others and act holistically.
The studio is very concentrated and it is expected that shares his knowledge with his fellow students regularly.

Business courses at the BSc in International Management (HAIM) include financial management, marketing, financial management, financial management, organization, finance and investment. In addition it will have to get acquainted with the tool subjects such as mathematics, statistics, methodology, economics and law.

You can choose to specialize in logistics or marketing of the program. Ongoing will be given to you are good to cooperate, komunikere and able to present the complex material.

The first two years of the program takes place in Herning, after which the last two semesters executed on a foreign business school or university. This is to give you a better cultural understanding.

The solidarity between the students and between students and teachers is good, giving a good student both academically and socially.

HA (Int.) Combines Business Administration (HA) with a foreign language.

The goal of this is to make you a professional economist with particular expertise in the Spanish language, English or German as well as the associated culture.

You will go through many of the same subjects that students of Business Administration (HA) is subject. At the same time you get to develop your skills in either Spanish, English or German. Not just language but also the culture of the language of the motherland must be studied. This is done by examining the commercial and social conditions in the respective countries.

The language section focuses on your skills in communication, knowledge about society in that particular area and the use of appropriate tools. On the part of the communication is given to you in your chosen language achieves:
• Good oral and written communication skills.
• Good oral and written business communication skills.
• Good skills in culture adjust your communication in accordance with the conventions in force in the area you have chosen.

Within society will achieve:
• General knowledge of relevant social issues.
• Knowledge about business conditions in your chosen field and less about the economy in general.

With the tools you will learn how to use you can:
• Avail yourself of fiction, terminology databases and other tools.
• Search relevant professional information.

The teaching takes place mostly in Danish, but teaching in English can also occur. The subjects dealing with the economic conditions abroad take place, however in your chosen language.
You will during the training have the opportunity to draw your own profile through electives and your bachelor.

See video from the University of Southern Denmark in Esbjerg below:

HA (Come).
HA (kom.) Is located at the intersection of leadership and communication and taking into account that communication is an essential tool in today's businesses. The program is therefore designed for those who want to work strategically with communication at a high theoretical and practical level.

HA (kom.) Is an interdisciplinary communication training, where the perspective is put on companies, organizations and public institutions. Unlike other communications programs gives you professional economic activity understanding as a basis for communicating in and with companies. HA (kon.) - trained thus possesses knowledge of how communication is organized in companies, as well as how communication helps to organize companies.

The study

In the program, we are determined to create personal skills such as assertiveness, autonomy, flexibility, interpersonal skills, and to develop the skills to communicate in both traditional and electronic media. The study is based on an understanding of how companies and organizations, and on what conditions they operate, communicate and change.

A unique feature of HA (kom.) Houses the studio workshop teaching, connecting analysis, practice and reflection with each other in specific case- and project work. The program is characterized by close interaction with the business community through guest speakers, company-based cases and a mandatory internship, where you get the opportunity to test theories and tools of by a company / organization.

Job Opportunities

A bachelor degree in Business Administration allows you to search many different jobs in different industries and types of businesses. Because education is wide, you can search for jobs in all functional areas and read all the lines on the MSc.

Examples: Accounts Assistant, finance assistant, export consultant, marketing assistant, market analyst, IT assistant, human resource manager, project manager, budget assistant, bank clerk, finance assistant.

Special admission requirements

-Qualifying exam
-Danish A
-English B
-Samfundsfag B, Contemporary History B, International Economics B, History B or History of Ideas B
-Matematik B

Related student jobs

Administrative jobs as accounting assistant, marketing assistant, assistant secretary etc.