University of Southern Denmark

University of Southern Denmark

The university and business are closely related in Sønderborg, where students receive training that is sought after in companies and where researchers collaborate with industry on a variety of projects.

Areas of focus By University of Southern Denmark: * Engineering * Business Studies * Cooperation across borders On the University of Southern Denmark is the Engineering area of ​​focus. Among the most important fields of research are mechatronics, interactive design and nanotechnology. On Education Since offered as well as a bachelor of engineering programs. The interaction with the region's strong engineering business is forbillledligt and ensured an invaluable practical impetus for training and applied research. Activities at the Mads Clausen Institute is a shining example of this very close relationship. In the focus area Business Studies is a research profile in marketing, innovation and relationships within and between enterprises, and offered an English language training in "Business Administration". Cooperation across borders utilizing Sønderborg's unique location at the gateway to Germany and Europe. The focus includes research and training in the humanities field where the business language and intercultural business communication is at the center and taking advantage of that in daily life are in contact with both German and Danish language and culture. For this focus belongs on the social science field also European Studies, arising out of an extremely strong and well-developed cross-regional research.


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General BSc (Economics)

Negot in English, French, Spanish, Arabic or German



Access course to engineering

European studies


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