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Hypnosis Treatment listed on the menu are examples of what can be treated with hypnosis.

All people can be treated, but you can do a lot to get the most out of hypnosis treatment:

personal motivation

Are you sincere when you say something like this: "I have to stop smoking" or "I need to lose weight"? Is it yours or your surroundings voice speaking?

When you say "I want", it is a strong desire from you that you are ready for change in your life. You are even ready to be "better you". It is important that your motivation to change your life is your own - it is vital if treatment is working and you will succeed!

Think about it and see it happen

Mental preparation is very important. Try to imagine the changes that will occur when your wish comes true. How would your life be better? How have you prepared yourself to embrace change? If you can imagine how a better life look like for you and what is possible, so changes will happen even faster.

Be open-minded

Put yourself into what hypnosis is and how it works. Be positive and give transformation a chance.


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