Aarhus University Big Band

Do you burn the music? Become a part of Aarhus University's Big Band! Aarhus University's Big Band is a 20-man major orchestra, based in the music environment around Aarhus University. Bigband has existed for many years and has since its inception had a wide repertoire of everything, ranging from traditional jazz standards and classic bigband events, to modern alternative jazz compositions and rock-lied song numbers.

Become part of the bigband community!

When you are a part of Aarhus University's Big Band, you will learn to get to know the Danish bigband community. Here you will undoubtedly meet a lot of excited personalities, and learn about compositions you'd never dreamed about. Bigbandet is renowned for the Aarhusian jazz environment and has worked widely across genres over the last couple of years. As part of the big band you will be thrown into new musical challenges, with space to put creativity into action. Århus bigband makes a lot of appearances in the Danish music environment and is always ready for a challenge. In 2013, the big band was named "Denmark's Best Amateur Band" in connection with the competition Big Band Battle.

Wide taste

In the Aarhus University's Big Band there is room for it all. The band is constantly focusing on having a wide and versatile repertoire of bigband numbers. That's how nobody hurts for a concert. Bigband has both Sinatra nights and James Bond concerts - with great success! Their extensive repertoire consists of tracks from many parts of jazz music history - from swing music's grandeur in the 1940s, and to today's latest hits on the jazz scene. Whether it's rocket, pop or acidic compositions, you'll find it on the set list. If you want to be part of a community where there is room for your taste, Aarhus University's Bigband is just right for you!


Langelandsgade 139 - 8000 Aarhus C

Contact info

Telefon: 61 60 40 33

Mail: aarhusunibigband@gmail.com


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