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Aalborg is a nice and cozy town where there with places like the Virgin Anegade also often full swing in it, to the delight of the partying students. But there is not much to scenic and historic areas of the city, if it is more attractive. And then you can look forward to excellent opportunities to find a nice home that can be kept in an SU in Aalborg compared, for example. Copenhagen and Aarhus. Should you have a penchant for the other Scandinavian countries, then you can from Aalborg also soon be on a ferry to Norway or Sweden. If you prefer our own capital, then Aalborg also convenient and cheap flights to Copenhagen daily.

Here in the city guide you will find Aalborg's best hairdressers, the finest cocktails, the best places to party, the most wonderful Sunday brunch to nurse hangovers with and much more in the same vein. You can also find challenging and rewarding places, such as sports clubs, cultural venues and the like. These places are often great places to get acquainted with friends you just have not met yet and improve yourself physically, mentally, socially and / or spiritually. Good luck in Denmark's northern capital.

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