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Hairdressers, many of in Aalborg, and it can be difficult to know which hairdressers are both good, cheap and offer you a student discount. It's also nice to be able to find such. a hairdresser who do not require an appointment, if it is urgent.

No matter what you want from your hairdresser, so you no longer take chances! Find your new hairdresser, in Aalborg, here in's hairdresser guide and get a nice hairstyle for the next studio party. Indeed, we have compiled the best hairdressers from Aalborg with detailed information about each below.

The hairdressers who recommend in Aalborg is located at the top of the guide below. These are also the hairdressers which you can find most information on this site. Enjoy!


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  • Barber Cut & Form

    Barber Cut & Form

    Barber Cut & Form is always a guarantee of high quality and professional advice when it comes to cutting and styling of your hair, and caters to both women and men. As hair salon, Hair Cut & Form a long tradition and has existed for more than 30 years in Vesterbro 82. You will find that Barber Cut & Form always have time to take care of you and your desires. They take pride in the…

  • City Cut

    City Cut

    As soon as you enter at City Cut Danmarksgade 70 in Aalborg, you'll soon notice that you have stepped into a highly professional salon. At City Cut it is important that the customer feel welcome, and the always smiling owner…

Hairdressers in Aalborg: the good and cheap

Most people go to the hairdresser once in a while to get a little refreshed: Maybe the hair needs to be bumped or dyed, maybe it's time with a whole new haircut - from far to short maybe - or maybe they'll be slippery wrinkled. Just what you want to make with your hair, you may need a hairdresser.

Are you also one of those who needs a hairdresser, and you live in Aalborg - or maybe you may move there soon - read here, because in this article you can read about some of the good and cheap hairdressers who is to be found in Aalborg.

Even though you may already have a hairdresser in Aalborg, you are happy to also skim this article and see if you may not have to try something else next time your hair is going to work Do not fall better if you do not wake up and try something new.


The article is written from recommendations found on various forums and review sites. Thus, it is the customer's own opinions expressed in the article and not the stores. For you as a consumer, it gives you the confidence next time you have to choose a hairdresser. Even hair is not just hair; Most are a little sore over the top, so the result of a trip to the hairdresser should be satisfying, so you do not have to go with hat, bandana or turban for a few months.


There are many cheap and good hairdressers in Aalborg, so the following are just examples.

Hairdressers in Aalborg


Hairdresser Éclore

Hardress Éclore is located at Boulevard 32 in Aalborg. They are open Tuesday to Saturday for a little different period of time.

At Éclore, both men, ladies and children can do something about the look. They make dyeing, and here they use what they call green colors to color hair so the hair does not hurt.

There are many different options to get freshen up if you go to Hairdresser Éclore - and also without having to get the very big wallet out of the bag.

Check out their website at .


Østerå Hairlounge

Østerå Hairlounge is located on Østerågade 4, and they are open monday to saturday for varying periods of time.

Both men and women can benefit from Østerå Hairlounge's expertise.

At Østerå Hairlounge there are also many possibilities for a new look. It may not be the cheapest hairdresser, but on the other hand, hot drinks and wine are served for treatment - there is also a study discount.

See more at their website: .


Lassen and Eriksen

Lassen and Eriksen have a home at Vingårdsgade 17 in Aalborg. This salon also open Monday to Saturday at different times.

Lassen and Eriksen cut both men, ladies and children. Lassen and Eriksen are also not the cheapest hairdresser, but try to check out their website and see if it may be something for you - price and quality are sometimes linked: / .


Salon Art House

Salon Art House is located on Hadsundvej 52, and is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from kl. 9.00-17.00 and Saturday by appointment. It is also possible to make appointments after kl. 17.00.

Salon Art House also enjoys both gentlemen, ladies and children and a relatively cheap money.

See more at their website: .


Salon Maria S

Salon Maria S is located on Jyllandsgade 13 and is open Tuesday to Saturday for varying periods for both men, ladies and children.

In addition to the more common hairdressing treatments, Salon Maria S also offers at least Kvik cut and eco cut.

Salon Maria S is one of the cheaper salons that you can read more on the salon's website right here: .



In the following you can read a little more about different hairdressers found in the streets of Aalborg:


Cut and Shape

Klip and Form is located at Vesterbro 82, and here is open monday to saturday.

At Klip og Form, both men and women can be freshened up with various treatments.

At Klip og Form, it is important to use allergy and environmentally friendly products and to have good conversations with customers.

Read more about Clip and Form here: .


Trend cut by Lundtoft

Trend cut by Lundtoft is located on CW Obels Pl. 5 in Aalborg. In this salon you can be served by the skilled hairdressers Tuesday to Saturday.

Here both gentlemen, ladies and children can be spoiled for the most modern day hairstyles.

See their website right here: .


Hair Fashion

Hair Fashion is located at Rantzausgade 3 and is open Monday to Friday and Saturday by appointment.

There is also a hairdresser where both gentlemen, ladies and children can come in and get a fresh and fresh look - for example, the salon is refreshed by the latest trends from home and abroad.

See their website here .


Madam Hair

Madam Hair Hair Salon is located Hasserice city center 7. At Madam Hair you can be cut or made other hairdressing treatments Monday to Saturday as both gentleman, lady and child. Among other things, they focus on preventing and treating thin hair and periodic hair loss.

You can read more about Madam Hair on their website .


City Clip

City Klip in Aalborg is located on Danmarksgade 70, and is open Tuesday to Friday from kl. 8.30-17.00 and Saturday by appointment.

Gentlemen, ladies and children can all benefit from City Klip's expertise, including cutting, permanent and color at very reasonable prices.

If you would like to know more about this particular salon, you can find the City Clip website at: .


Now you have hopefully become a bit smarter at hairdressers in Aalborg - and maybe you have found the hairdresser to try next time. If you want more information, read more about hairdressers here at