ASFysiotherapy is an interdisciplinary clinic, started in 2001 by physiotherapist Arne Sørensen.
The clinic consists of 2 physiotherapists, 1 cheese patch and 1 masseuse.
ASFysiotherapy offers treatment, prevention, and rehabilitation of whole body disorders.
They have also introduced team training and running injury analyzes.

The core of ASFysiotherapy is causal treatment. The clinic takes your problems seriously and ensures you the best treatment through their many years of experience. The clinic is constantly updated on the latest knowledge, so you can expect them to take care of you with great professionalism and proficiency.
The clinician's therapists work closely with each other and with their professional network of doctors, chiropractors, psychologists and orthopedic clinics. Collaborative relationships ensure their patients safety and a high-quality treatment course. Whatever your problem, you will be greeted by the best guidance and top professional treatment.

Exercise is an important factor in treatments, as it has a good and long lasting effect on most injuries and prevents damage to the entire device. Therefore, ASFysiotherapy offers team training and individual training therapy in their own premises. In the training program, emphasis is placed on individual guidance so that you get the most out of your treatment. The training is carried out by qualified and highly skilled physiotherapists and dedicated instructors who understand motivation. The individual training therapy takes place with a physiotherapist or osteopath. It offers Gymnastics, physical exercise in nature, physics flow and running and strength, etc.

ASFysiotherapy also offers teaching and lectures. There are courses and lectures held internally as well as externally. So, if you're in an education in physical therapy, medical science or sport, just jump into it. You will meet people with great expertise in your field of interest and expand your own network.

The clinic is located in the heart of Odense, and therefore has good parking facilities for its customers.

ASFysiotherapy is highly recommended by If you have a back injury, get hurt and now need rehabilitation or if you just want to receive education, ASFysiotherapy is the place to be.
The clinic will accommodate you with open arms and give you the best treatment.
If you are a member of Denmark, the clinic reports directly to your health insurance.

Book online here , email info , or call 63 11 11 59 for more information.


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