AIESEC is an international student organization with a large global network of members and partners in more than 90 countries.

AIESEC works primarily with international student exchanges, as well as developing personal and professional skills. AIESEC exchange student internships at companies in the world. As a member of AIESEC you have the opportunity to work on improving your skills in professional areas such as management, sales, HRM, entrepreneurship and many other creative disciplines. AIESEC organizes some conferences every year that you as a member is invited to attend. Each conference can have a special theme, and there will be external "speakers" in-depth with exciting topics and trends in society.

AIESEC Odense's own words

AIESEC SDU in Odense was startade in 1973. Over the years, trots not having had the biggest member base, our Local Committee har always had strong exchange results, especially in terms of Receiving foreign students working for Danish companies. For more than 30 years we samarbejdet with many companies and helped themself find the right trainees. The companies and organisasjoner we samarbejdet with range from well-known and with well-established corporations som Damixa and Dinex A / S, two smaller companies som SSP Technology, Buanco Systems and Lagtved Data.

With more than 35 years of experience in aktivt engaging the youth and making a positive impact in the Danish society. Today, AIESEC SDU is composed of more than 30 passionate "AIESEC'ers" from a diverse set of cultural and professional backgrounds.
Overall, we can proudly say thatthis unique pool of enkeltpersoner ice Constantly raising the standards of what students dare opnå.


Campusvej 55
5230 Odense M

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Tlf.: 65 50 27 01



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