If you are for burgers without so much cock, Yo Burger is just the place. Here is the simple, but uncommonly delicious burger that is in focus. A simple concept based on good quality, so you can get a good burger without so much hassle, made with passion and the very right ingredients!

A YO concept

At YOBURGER in the center of Copenhagen you will find a burger restaurant that really holds a low-key informal tone. It spoils the cozy atmosphere of the restaurant, where there is room for everyone, whether for a quick meal or a nice meal in a good company. The concept started in 2015, when some inventive heads decided to create a place where you can get a simple but quality conscious burger with all that belongs to. not so much pit, just good food in nice surroundings. Their concept is clear - YOburgers, YOfries, YOdips - it's all made especially for YO (u).

YOBurgers for YO (u)

At YOBURGER, it's a simple and simple menu, where you do not get lost between a multitude of dishes, but where you can hardly find a burger that falls right in your taste. And all of this is actually quite simple. The steaks are made of amazing danish beef, the bread is buttered brioche bowls and the sauce gives a magic good boost to your burger. At YOBURGERS you can choose a single burger or a YO menu, where you get an optional burger plus soft drinks and fries for anything between 89, - to 119, - depending on which burger you choose. An entire menu for just 119, - has to be a good idea, so you can easily take YOBURGER without ruining your wallet. Now it's just about finding your favorite burger. If you are the most typical classic, try the classic YOBURGER with steak, salad, cheese, tomato and the magic sauce. You can also choose the variant with avocado or bacon - or avocado AND bacon! If you are more vegetables than meat, try the succulent YOPORTOBELLO where the beef is replaced with a paned portobello sponge. There is something for every taste. See YOBURGER for delicious steaks and good ingredients!


Nørregade 2
København 1165

Contact info

Telefon: 93856969

Opening Hours

Mandag - Søndag:  11-22


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