Weber's Driving School

Weber's Driving School

Weber's Driving School Find centrally located in Odense. Driving School is known as one of the driving schools with the lowest failure rate - 90% of all students pass their tests the first time!

Michael will be your driving instructor throughout the process, and he provides an objective, experienced and exciting lessons that ensure that you are 100% ready to pass your tests - the first time!

Classes will be in a good atmosphere, with space to individual pupils can immerse themselves. Theory Classes are held in small groups, where the teaching is always done by Michael - this way, you are sure that you get a driving instructor who knows exactly you. When teams start getting all students receive a lesson plan, so you can easily plan your course in Weber's Driving School.

The motto of Weber's Driving School is "Easy and secure" This is also reflected in the choice of school wagon. All driving lessons is therefore carried out in a Volvo s 40, which is one of the safest cars on the market, is also easy to manu agents with and gives you leads, a great driving pleasure.

You can easily sign up via this link - then you quickly to a good start!

You can also sign up for a lynhold Weber's Driving School - this process ensures a driving license in just six weeks!

We have found a few testimonials from previous students - and they have no doubt!

Mads Petersen gives 5/5 and says:
"Michael is definitely the best driver training in the city and certainly the funniest. Besides he is super good at his power ever but pushing them too when necessary. All in all a really good experience. Thinking about getting you a driver's license , young and old, I can only recommend the Weber's Driving School. "

Mads Englund also 5/5 and says:
"Michael is a good driver training, he makes it all seem easy and he can learn a driving really well.
Passed theory and driving test the first time because he teach mega good

95% of all students passed the theory test first time.
90% was also the driving test the first time.
60% had no extra driving lessons.

Student Discounts

You save right now all over kr. 1,000 on the package!


Carlsgade 8
5000 Odense C

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Telefon: 4011 3267


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Weber's Driving School